Luckily Ariana Grande is not the daughter of Fabio Volo


Honestly, I had forgotten Fabio Volo. I don’t even know if I ever owned one of his books, but I know that one day a few years ago I asked for a copy in your hand and turning the pages, I thought that if the education sentimental of the ages thirteen of the first two thousand had been assigned to the Flight and Federico Moccia we didn’t have high hopes.

Now Fabio Volo has a programme on Radio Deejay, The Flight of the Morning, and many, like me, you are reminded of him because, in the episode of yesterday, launched into a critique of the video of Ariana Grande—deemed too sexualized and morally harmful to young people—realizing in just a few minutes of intervention, a kind of cliff notes of the proud and sexism.

Paternalism, jokes from the locker room of football, the culpability of women, sghignazzi and coarse laughter: in his brief intervention on the theme nothing is missing. Invested with a kind of Old Trombone Pride, Flight allows you to speak “elder,” and begins with the story of him in the gym on the treadmill who discovers from the screens “video channel for young people”—things in fact are unknown to a radio host—that transmitted the video of the song “7 rings” by Ariana Grande.

The singer is defined as a “beautiful girl, beautiful brunette, looks like a fifteen years.” Ariana Grande has 26 years and sells millions of records, but this does not matter because the intervention is aimed at expressing the concern of Flight time as a father of daughters—who are not.

In the video, ” continued the conductor, the singer is “dressed in pink, all sexy”—even if accurate “to whore”: “if I’m going to a party and I see so I say: ‘ but who is this puttanun?’ In Brescia, we would have said: ‘Fuck cock as it introiata’.” Of course, the Flight we’re only doing that bad, and we explain that if he thinks that one is a “puttanun” there is a reason—and the one to blame, guess who?

The explanation is very simple: because “women are like flowers,” on the basis of “to the colors and scents that attract certain type of men. If you are afraid and you’re insecure and exaggerate the sexuality, you will attract only people that will want to lie down.”

In the poetry of the metaphor of the flowers—it is always uplifting to be treated as decorative objects—there is probably everything. In the first place, we are insecure, for this we dress or behave in a certain way; if we were safe we were not the first ones willing to wear certain clothes, things that we do for pleasure to men, who are, of course, the only center of attention. If we were sure of ourselves, then, we would like to be taken seriously, and that can only happen if we bring a diving helmet diver.

In the second place, putting on mini-skirts and revealing flaps of skin we attract a certain type of men, scatenandone instincts. And here I can agree, there is not an exact category of male that is called into question in these cases. However, they are not “the ones who want you to lie down”, but, as he said, ” well Michela Murgia on Capital Radio, the moralists and the male based on how much shorter the skirt gives respect to the woman. And you feel the obligation to say what to do or not to do.

Flight complain that is “little girl” while he is calm on the treadmill “are on four legs,” “knees, impecorata,” “move your ass and says ‘I’ve seen it, I like it, I want it, I’ll take it’.”

The song is not about sex. But Flight, returned in the guise of a father-of-two non-existent daughters, says that it does not matter, because the whole video was “a sexual booster,” harmful because it speaks to the very young: “Think I am the father of two daughters, I go to work, do my things, while the company I imputtanando daughter!” Eh, the decay of morals. And yet, if I were in the daughters Flight I’d be worried more about the ease with which my father will say the word whore.

The pearl final, as noted by Jonathan Bazzi, is a quote from “Disappointed” Vasco Rossi— “look, if there is the wolf risks you”—a version of the music “if you look at it.” As it was assumed, the intervention has sparked a lot of criticism, and someone did also note that while it is now worried of the lack of cloth on him to Ariana Grande, in the past Flight has made fun of scherzoni stripping completely naked in front of Alessia Marcuzzi.

In the transmission this morning, the conductor has tried to respond to that that defines a shitstorm (“it is as if an elephant had just shat in front of the house”), but only with the fans of the singer that were hurled against him, and inviting, however, the parents of the kids to “watch what they write, the children on the internet.” The accusations of sexism that appeared more or less everywhere has practically ignored, saying that he “seemed to have made a nice speech to the women”, especially “in a moment of #MeToo.”

This is nothing new, for charity. Fabio Volo is neither the first nor will be the last one to remind us that everything that we do, everything we wear, every behavior that we keep or not keep is sexualized and can be interpreted as an invitation or a temptation on the part of men, that, poor things, suffer from this torment, and then they are forced to make the comments sexist, or in the worst cases to harass.

It’s just another expression of sexism, disguised as common sense, from fathers worried about and guardians of the moral, surrounded by laughter.

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