María Teresa Campos very concerned about what makes one of their daughters for the night

María Teresa Campos cover the mouth to a reporter Living the life

March 05, 2020
(14:39 CET)

María Teresa Campos at last returns to smile, halfheartedly. It has gotten rid of Edmundo Arrocetsurrounded by good friends and has returned to the television, although for the moment is not the way she would like. The journalist is not quiet. One of their daughters, in particular Terelu Fields not passing a good time.

The economy of Terelu Fields has gone under since I made the decision to leave Save me in defense of his sister. In Living the life the salary is not the same. In fact you only go once a week to work. For a day enter 200 euros. He goes every week. In a month generates 800 euros. A very low salary for a standard of living as high as yours. Recently sold his duplex penthouse in Aravaca to go to another home more small. To her alone was too great, however the reality is quite another.

Terelu Fields

Currently Terelu Fields is very concerned, but rather is about his mother. These last few months has gone very wrong and the partner is very sensitive. Can’t see her suffer to her mother. The tertuliana is off, sad, and it shows in their shares of television. Hides his pain in a smile.

For this reason the daughter of María Teresa Campos would be evaluating the possibility of return to Save me now that there is again such a good relationship with the Fields. In fact go back to the program of The factory of the tele would improve their social status. In these moments the journalist does not have much power or much money and can not help you to solve your problems as it has done during all these years.

The journalist will move near Terelu when you can sell your mansion. Right now the collaborator of Living life happens all the time crying and alone.

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