Microsoft: Powershell, 7 it appears as a uniform platform to Support


Microsoft has released the Powershell the 7, as the publisher writes on its Blog. Already, about a year ago, we’ve had the initial plans for the new Version, which is aimed at bridging the increasing gap between the existing users of the old technology and the new users on the new technology. We are confident to have achieved this, and writes: “We are looking for the following in 7, and in the next Version, as it is the one and only Powershell is the future.”

The job market

  1. Würth Industrie Service GmbH & co. KG, Bad Mergentheim, in the Metropolitan area of Würzburg
  2. The Fraunhofer institute for Software and systems engineering ISST, Dortmund

In the summer of 2016, the company has announced to publish the following, as an Open-Source, and the new one .Make it the Core of the Framework is the basis for the most important management tool for Administrators in Windows. This has led to a few minor incompatibilities with previous versions, and so the following is written in the module. This also means that the new version was in the Linux system, more and more users of Windows.

The following 7 for you to use .The Net Core-3.1 is to be overcome. Once the tool brings support for the Windows api such as WPF and also the .The .net Framework APIs. The one associated with the backward compatibility will focus on the functions of the GUI, as well as many of the modules as a function of management. For a detailed Overview of the modules and Cmdlets that Microsoft provides in its documentation.

A lot of new features

In addition to this, the following 7 also offers a number of new features and capabilities. The parallelization of the Pipeline, which include ForEach-Object -Parallelthe Ternary Operator it ? a b c and also, since Unix Shells known operators || and && the data from the Pipe. Add to that also the Null-Coalescing Operator comes in ??.

The Team will also simplify the handling of the representation of the errors and made it more dynamic. In addition to this, there is now a Get Error in the Cmdlet, or to be able to facilitate this research. The users of the Powershell and 7 will now be automatically informed about new releases as soon as they become available.

For a detailed list of Changes can be found in the official Release Notes. There are also examples of the use of the newly introduced Opera to find the door. The following 7 for: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, MacOS x, and a range of current gnu / Linux distributions.

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