“Miguel Marcos is very concerned”. Taboo subject. “Belén Esteban has fallen”


Belén Esteban Miguel Marcos in Italy

March 05, 2020
(17:46 CET)

Belén Esteban has won the battle. Has finally been avenged of that was his representative. Toño Sanchís left with a straight face the villa in Villanueva del Pardillo, Madrid. For many years he lived there with his family. The representative arrived at 8 in the morning and twenty minutes after he walked out of the portal, leaving the keys in the lock. At 10:30 hours, the judicial commission has been appearing in the address to proceed to the eviction with the presence of several agents of the Guardia Civil. A locksmith has been in charge of changing the lock and access to the garage.

The house already belongs to Bethlehem Esteban, but that also has made that will bring an infinity of criticism. “You’re a bad person”, you say. However has turned a deaf ear. Today is a happy day for the collaborator. In fact since he’s been with Miguel Marcos all are. However, always be in the spotlight of the media and its own space, the gets really nervous and has only one solution: the tobacco.

“Belén Esteban has fallen”, written in networks. But it is not the first time. For most who try it can’t stop it and that it has a very strong will. Now I would have a great challenge ahead and is leaving it for the sake of their new son. The collaborator has expressed on more than one occasion that I would like to get pregnant, but if it is not removed your “vice” will be impossible.

In Save me one that gives you the win. We’ve seen a snack, appear and disappear as if by magic, to go to the bathroom, a fight, and that is five hours stuck in a plateau give to much. Lucky that Telecinco is a private and still has advertising. The pundits take advantage of the court to get out to “the beach” to smoking. Are prohibited from smoking in the interior of the entire enclosure.

A person who is a smoker knows very well that it is very difficult to resist to take a puff on a cigar constantly. That is to be very hooked. Even last month, the excolaboradora space, Belen Rodriguez, fu caught smoking in full direct while to connect with Jorge Javier Vázquez with a vapeador.

In a cutting of the screen, the expert in reality was actually around an e cigarette and you could see as clearly into the mouth. When you realize that the are going to be kept quickly and although do not speak you can hear her moving lips.”I’m smoking, I already know”seems that says. That means that it has fallen a strong anger by pinganillo.

But it is not the only contributor to Save me that you smoke. Belén Esteban not be removed from that vicedespite the insistence of her daughter Andrea Janeiro. What has been attempted by active and passive, even made a challenge on Save me before you get married and managed to endure 20 days, but nothing more.

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Belen Esteban smoking in the rest

The young woman would be attempting a second assault to be able to stay pregnant. It is not good to smoke during pregnancy and their intentions are very clear. Currently the partner smokes a pack / day, an amount exorbitant. Years ago, when Belen Esteban fell into a black hole, the collaborator doubled, even tripled this amount.

Belen Esteban smoking in the airport

In this direct caught smoking while talking to the cameras in a nevada. It does not teach the tobacco, since he hides behind the door, but it looks like smoke. Or is smoking or roasting a few choricillos in full direct, in Save me it would not be surprising.