More Details for close to the price-to-performance fireworks show has appeared


The Xiaomi Mi-10 is very expensive when it comes to the war. On the client, it is not a stretch to completely to waste, it is a true price-to-performance-Kracher on the market, are the further Details has been leaked.

The source of the image, and the SAME – the Xiaomi Redmi Note Is 8 Pro

The Xiaomi Redmi Note, 9 to Pro in one Benchmark spotted

Up to now, hardly any information is asked to close the price-to-performance result from Xiaomi, the Redmi Note Is 9 Pro that are also leaked out. Now, however, it is only a Reference, which proves, at least, some of the Details. The Xiaomi phone will be equipped with 6 GB of RAM, a Qualcomm processor powered by Android the 10, run. Xiaomi has not made an error, and it is installed with a Chip that MediaTek and how it will be in the future, it is likely the other manufacturers are Chinese, this is the case, you want to save a bit of money in order to keep the price low.

Xiaomi has released the first teasers are now two of the functions of the mobile device. The Redmi Note Is 9 Pro that are really nice to Play with. Sufficient energy must be available. In addition to this, the Smartphone is extremely fast reload – reported GSMArena. It is not in the price range of 300 euros, the same as you, of course. Really powerful, fast-charging capabilities that are typically only available on High-End devices. So, Xiaomi could be offering it here, this is a very unique feature. The size of the battery, but nothing else is known.

On the actual Redmi Note, The 8 Pro:

Why is the Xiaomi Redmi Note, 9 Of the Pro’s so interesting?

Already, the Xiaomi Redmi Note Is 8, Pro and was developed in Germany in order to be a true best-Seller. In the case of Amazon, it lands in the second spot of the best-selling phones, and has been, in part, to find it in the first place, in front of which many of the Samsung phones. The Redmi Note 9 to the Pro’s, the Hardware is improved, and the Quad-camera is, of course, far more interesting. The price is not yet known, but it should be at the level of its predecessor. 12. The march will take place the official presentation. It would then be only a matter of time until the mobile phone finds its way into the German trade.