my love for fictional Ryan Reynolds


Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds

Not the appointment never but the effects of marriage with Ryan Reynolds is still very much the life of Scarlett Johansson. That, years later, a judgment, a little flattering. Photo Getty. BROWSE THE GALLERY AND VIEW THE IMAGES OF LOVE, SCARLETT

Have passed 11 years

if you are married. 8, when they said goodbye. Not in the way you of friends.

But Scarlett Johansson don’t forget Ryan Reynolds. Or is better to forget the lesson of life, that the wedding with the movie star the have given.

On the eve of his third marriage with the American comic Colin Jostthe actress is known in a long interview for the American business magazine Vanity Fair. Where to call without you ever, the directly on your the first man. This Ryan Reynolds today, happy with accasato Blake Lively and the father of three daughters. To confess to, an inconvenient truth, but might be important. Required to to a point is still a story. It is true, remains in the past.

Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds

One of the rare photos Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds together. Photo LaPresse

The first time I married was of age 23 years. And I had not the slightest idea what he meant, that in a marriage. In some ways, I think I’ve had a fictional vision“says Scarlett. So what then, as the reality of the facts. The love story between the two actors was kept secret and far away from the point of view of protection for nearly the entire life span. There are very few photos that portray them together. A handful of is that in formal occasions. Even then, neither Johansson Ryan Reynolds loved about their relationship. After the divorce, stormy, wanted by the diva but not of her husband, the relations between the two were not present. So much So, that he never mentions more, that part of his life. and if she does not appoint the name of Ryan.

Ryan reynolds, Colin Jost

Ryan Reynolds (on the left), and Colin Jost (right), while the use of the Saturday Night Live 2019.

But life, you know, she loves playing with irony. And so it happened that only last week, Ryan Reynolds was a guest of the Saturday Night Live, cartoon program for excellence in tv – “stars and stripes”. Of the Colin Jost, the future, Mr. Johansson is one of the comedy writers, and lace. So the past and the present of Scarlett are found, the screen to release. A situation which is potentially embarrassing should develop into a roaring laughter. If Colin has defined in the center of the sketch, Ryan Reynolds “my best friend“.

Attack craft, for sure. But the result is what counts. And Scarlett Johansson know. “My life in a very different today“continues in the confession of the actress Marriage Story, interpretation, that already in the smell of the Oscar nomination. “I feel myself in a situation where I have to make your choice consciously. See more of this myself, as it ever was“.

Scarlett Johansson, Romain Duriac

Scarlett Johansson, Romain Dauriac and their daughter Rose in New York. Photo LaPresse

And the speech, therefore, can not navigate on the second wedding with the French journalists Romain Dauriac . Since the third and the final set. “The idea of a family to create a family, and have the features that suits me very well. I think it would be wonderful. It is one thing that I always wanted. What I wanted is, also during the marriage with the father of my daughter. Just wasn’t the right person. But for me, this idea is really like“.