New deals on PlayStation Store


Once again, take a look at the PlayStation Store, it’s probably worth it, at least for the HP system and The action of the “Double discounts” once again, you can save the games on, discount prices on top of him to all those who have signed up to a fine round of PS Plus players.

Double Discounts maybe it’s better than a discount, but in all cases, better than no Discounts. If you want to have a late Christmas present or an early Easter gift, treat yourself, you should take a look at the action of the “Double rebates” on the PlayStation Store to play it, at least if your a PS Plus and have subscribed to it. With up to 70% off it is likely that it is worth it, at least for some of the titles.

I look to some of the Among the highlights of the Sale:

  • Marvel comics Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition for 24,99 €
  • The death of the Stranding pitch: Digital Deluxe Edition 47,99 Euro
  • God-of-war 11,99 €
  • 5 in the field of battle 14,99 €
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Royal Edition 15.99 Eur
  • Far Cry 5 In + in Far Cry, a New Dawn Complete Edition for 29.99 Eur
  • Resident Evil 7: Converted to 13,99 €
  • Please note that 3-Super Deluxe Edition 49,99 €
  • The rose on the Tomb Raider: anniversary for 20 years 8,39 EUR
  • Wolfenstein 2 for 17,99 €
  • The Evil Within 2 9,59 €

Not all of the games that are offered to you in Double-a discount on the price. It is always worth it Look for it at other stores such as Amazon, to find out how good a Deal it is actually. By the way: you may want to compare products across multiple Stores. What are the games you should be able to don’t in the PS-Store for Sale-can I buy?

These are the games that are on the other pages cheap to have the following:

  • Days Gone 29,95 Euro in NetGames
  • for 13,90 € on eBay

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While I have, over the field, Given the speed, I have noticed one thing: most of the games in the Double discounts in the PlayStation Store, there is, in fact, at the time the best. This is not in any PS-Store-Sale – as long as the rebates are tied to your PS Plus membership, we are not able to discount from a pure price.

But that doesn’t matter! If any of your followers you are already a PS Plus, so why not use that advantage? After all, the Easter holidays, so jump in soon, to get the one or other game, or it can be played. What else would you do it?