Nicki Minaj talks love, the toxic: “A man must know yourselves to protect, not terrorize”


Waiting to marry the music manager Kenneth “Zoo” Petty, 41 years old, the rapper Nicki Minaj makes the point about love and all relationships, she defined “highly toxic” that has entertained so far, with “men abusers”. As he says Peopleyesterday afternoon, in a series of tweet he spoke with an open heart, with its 20.5 million followers, addressing, in particular, to the men, offering advice on romantic relationships or at least “what I learned at my expense on that love because a man must know yourselves to give a sense of security, to protect you, not scare you”.

Nicki Minaj has started encouraging fans involved in a love story unhealthy with a woman to find the courage to end it, “if you are in a prison, created by you, or by you, please run away!” Also, “when you see a woman involved in a relationship that is toxic, rather that take her around and say things cruel, why not try to give her a good advice or at least remind you that you as a human being has a value? Because believe me he added, ” the Minaj – we’ve all been there, in the bottom”.

I – revealed – I touched it so often that I could never look anyone from the bottom so I was on the ground” she said, recalling that “we are all simply human” and that “it is not easy to leave. Especially now with Instagram, in which all that people want is to make photos about their relationships. So today you have to break two times, in real life and also on social networks where you give so much weight to appearances and you are so afraid of judgment of the other”. “But he concluded it’s not a matter of judging. We judge too much… We just need to learn how to make our own good and get us up”.

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