Nicky Jam reveals what we fell in love with Cydney Moreau


After his brief marriage to Angelica Cruz, Nicky Jam has returned to find love on the american model Cydney Moreau. The ‘lovebirds’ got to know their romance last December and since then have not stopped sharing with the world their love and romantic declarations.

The biggest one was when, last February 14, the singer kneeled down upon his knee, and asked for marriage to your girl. Excited she said yes and since then his followers are awaiting more details on their future plans and how they have come to form the beautiful couple that are.

Now, the interpreter Move it has revealed some details of their romance in an interview with First Time, where has not been able to avoid to get rid of in loving words to his girl and has revealed that is what he won: his beauty and blue eyes.

After highlighting these physical traits that we embelesaron, acknowledged that despite not being the type of woman that has set in the past, the young man has managed to conquer with her “beauty, charisma and talent”.

The best thing in the world is to admire your wife, apart from love her, and that you like admire, because the physical can fall

“I’ve never been a man I’ve noticed that type of woman, because typical puerto rican and latino we are looking the voluptuous woman, latina, who has big body. But Cydney I fell in love with his beauty, his charisma, his talent,” he acknowledged.

Beyond all the qualities of the exatleta of 25 years, the singer said that she admires and that is what is best in the world.

On the romantic ordered that went viral, The Cangri revealed that he chose that place for the views and because they felt like it. Rented on Airbnb, the house is located in Miami near yours, and in the past had any intention of buying, something that she was not able to do because they had outstripped him, and prepared the big surprise.

Although until now has not given many details about the link, during the conversation he pointed out that the wedding will be next year to give them time to organize everything and get away with it.