Nokia’s mobile phones in order to capture a legendary role


It is difficult for Sony. After the Smartphone business is going so well, we can add one more loss. Famous as a Partner it does not change, of all things, a Nokia mobile phone – completely in the round, what’s going on, but it’s also.

Image Source: Universal Pictures International

No cell-phones Sony-over in the new James Bond Movie

The bad news for the Fans of the Games. With the Xperia phones, which were previously seen in the James Bond films, is the story. Universal Pictures International will have 25. James Bond: the Movie “to die, it was decided that the time is Not for the” HMD globally as a Partner to this, today, is proud to announce that. In the Film, for Nokia 7.2. the Nokia 3310 and the upcoming Nokia 5-Smartphone, you will not be able to see that, at present, it has a name on it. The HMD Overall it has achieved a great success, and it is expected that it is, of course, the even more visibility for your brand. You don’t use it only for the new Nokia flagship, but it is also a model of middle-class and the legendary 3310, it is very much appreciated.

Completely without any problems, and the announcement is not yet. In fact, it’s the new James Bond film, will be the film 2. April of 2020 is in the movie theaters. Anything but that. Due to the Coronavirus to the film’s release to be delayed until at least November 2020. The Hit from the Marketing of the HMD’s Overall match, as the counter-attack, however, and the last one a little forgotten, and Nokia phones back to the forefront.

The Trailer for the new James Bond film:

Why not use Sony’s cell phones, and much more.

The last of the James Bond movies have been filmed under licence from Sony Pictures, so of course that is, of course, that’s not all the Xperia phones have been widely used. 25. James-Bond-Film, but it’s going to be implemented by Universal Pictures, so that the new partnerships will be closed. Today, it has become the HMD Overall, there seems to be a bit of an unusual one. After all, it’s the Samsung or the Huawei would have been able to shop there. Interestingly enough, the change is not in the same way, because the Nokia phones are coming to the fore. We are left with only the hope that the new, 5, Nokia can’t convince you of the cellular phone, so that it is only in the Movie for the James Bond film.