Oppo to Attend the show was presented within the


Oppo has announced the Oppo to Watch. A Smartwatch with the eSIM, the Apple Watch is really, really different.The Oppo and the Oppo to Watch the show on a 1,91-inch AMOLED display with a size of 1.91 cm and a pixel density of 326 ppi. The Display is particularly colorfast, Oppo’s talk of a Display that can represent the full P3 color space.

Not surprisingly, the Oppo uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear on deck”, used here, is the Snapdragon Wear on the 2500, and the complete-The 3-Chip and 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory. Oppo launches the Clock-the first product in which it is located, in the area of sports health. Many of the resources that have been targeted for the Chinese market. It is the first Smartwatch in China, it is also equipped with the ” sport-in algorithms D and GoMore. The Wearable may need to adapt program to sports-to the physical Constitution of the user.

With the Oppo you can not only Watch with the heart rate monitor and a Sleep state, but also in the menstrual cycle, and pregnancy management services offered to the users to set up. The Smartwatch is up to a depth of 50 meters waterproof, has a 3-d floors, and a built-in frame made of metal. The sensors are, as with other Smartwatches at the bottom of the clock.

The watch can also be fast charged (See the VOOC), and in the Oppos-System ColorOS is not for the Europe release. There is a special mode that uses the clock just like a watch, the battery 430 mAh) lasts up to 21 days.

As a 46-mm aluminum version costs 1999 Yuan (259 Euros). 46 mm a stainless steel version of the traditional stainless steel, and the lower part is provided with a ceramic and a sapphire crystal. The glasses and the bangles are imported from Italy. This is called the thin layer of the leather to the calf, as it is a special item for the band. The cost 2499 Yuan (323 Euros):

The 41 mm Version is available in Black, pink, gold, and a mist of silver, the price of 1499 Yuan (194 billion). As a 41 mm Version, with the Oppo the Watch has a smaller screen, this is one of 1.6 cm in height.

As soon as we get the information that is Available, we will be in touch with you. And, wouldn’t you say? Are you interested in the Oppo for Watching, if you would like to be” Germanized? I think it would be a long, long way to go for the Oppo. In China, it has been adapted to the many and important Applications to the watch, but if you can find the same Partner?