PC power supply: Seasonic eliminates the tangle of cables on the distribution Box


Seasonic introduced its first power supply unit that comes with a so-called Connecting-the-Box. It has all the plugs for the Connections on the motherboard and the video card. Users connect the cable from the Hub to the magnet behind the paper Tray for the motherboard, the power supply is in and of itself, only the thickness of the wire.

Connect to the Box to simplify the wiring harness wires in the Seasonic you have to adjust the Position of the links of the custom adapters, ATX power supplies: the Top 24 (ATX 12 volts), and an 8-Pin EPS, sat, twice, in the bottom of the four-to-PCI-Express-cans (each 6+2 pin) for graphics cards. Add to that the Molex and SATA drives. The Hub fits on all of the places that offer a behind-the-Tray for the mother board 330 mm x 64 mm x 21 mm.

(Image: Seasonic)

The SSR-750FA it has a power rating of 750 watts, and is connected with the upper class-the source of the power of the GX-750, deposited but a part of the Converter, the technology of how to Connect to the housing, The power supply generates a voltage of 12 volts (max.) 62 (A) and 5 V Standby (5 Vsb), and then Connect the Box to the 5 and 3.3 Volt rails.

A decrease in the efficiency of Seasonic is to be expected, not by a division. The SSR-750FA, and is certified for 80 Plus Gold, so that it can achieve a Peak efficiency of 92%. All of the usual protection switching languages, are also on Board: OPP, OVP, UVP, OCP, OTP and SCP.

Seasonic provides for the SSR-750FA with the Plug in Box is the price of 160 euros. Delivery will begin in the next couple of days. For the purpose of comparison, in the GX-750 is, in the case of the merchants for around 120 euros, the most part, however, the call 140 euros and more. The SSR-750FA Seasonic gives you a short warranty period of 10, rather than 12 years of age.