Pete Davidson has talked about Ariana Grande and what have you learned from their relationship


22 November 2019

Today Pete Davidson he attended Kaia Gerber and before her, at the beginning of the year, and he had lived a flirt with Kate Beckinsale.

But we are sure that if you think about the comic, can’t you come up with Ariana Grandeone of the former mentioned in “Thank U, Next” and last year, were the protagonists of a rousing love story, with a lot of marriage proposal.

Also the journalist Paper Magazine he interviewed the 26-year-old could not help but mention the singer and asked him if he had something to say about the ex-girlfriend.

I do not make public statements about my relationships because I think that it is not right – put – Usually I express how I feel through the work. But I hope you are well. I hope you both very happy. And this is all“.

Pete Davidson has continued talking about what he has been taught the story of love in the past and, even if not mentioned Ariana Grande by name, he would refer to her as: “Not having expectations. Otherwise you will become resentful. It is something that I had to learn from a past relationship, it sucked having to learn through that person, but in the end, makes you better“.

I arrabbiavo because that person didn’t show my level of intensity that I put into a relationship or how much I show them with my actions. I learned that you have to do things just because you want to do“.

And I learned that they are not the business of anyone. When you start a relationship and you’re a tv personality, doesn’t realize that if you post a photo with your girlfriend, it is as if the annunciassi in the world. I don’t know why the couples of my friends (not famous) post photos and are not written articles about them, are not followed, and then you forget to have a different approach. When the public knows that were together, the thing is already twisted against you“. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande had led from the outset of their relationship under the spotlight.

You’re already losing. Because now everyone knows that you are together and if not we can see more together they know that something is going wrong“.

In short, we can infer that not will post very soon pictures with the new girlfriend Kaia Gerber on Instagram, but we must be satisfied those of the paparazzi.

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