Pump Andrea De Janeiro. “Who can top this?”. Belén Esteban prohibit Save me (and it is brutal)


Andrea Janeiro and Belén Esteban in your house

March 06, 2020
(11:30 CET)

Belén Esteban returns to be in the centre of the controversy, if it is that at some point disappeared. One way or the other knows to get it to talk to her at all times. These past few months has married, has died her ex-husband and has had several confrontations, the most notable with Sofia Suescun, who accused her of living of Andrea de Janeiro, in addition to telling you that I was not very graceful physically.

belén esteban

The collaborator has been this week to many people against it. Belén Esteban threw the last 5 of march from their home to Toño Sanchís and your entire family. His wife and their children stayed on the street. All for getting the money that the representative had pocketed when he was wearing his race. And admits that he does not feel worth it, it will continue until the return of the last euro with the that you create that is still being maintained.

In the social networks, you have said it all. No one sees with good eyes the attitude of Belén Esteban, and have been accused of wanting to live now of Toño Sanchís. “Since you can’t talk about Ubrique, nor of your husband, and your daughter, do not hurt other people”, land written. The tertullian has another purpose.

Andrea de Janeiro asked him to never speak of her or Jesulín de Ubrique on television. Wanted No more fighting or that they placed in the spotlight, because who wants to live in anonymity. The collaborative is complying with the promise, but that’s not like the directors of Mediaset. Since he does not speak of the Janeiro has noticed the dramatic audience and that they were his great philo.

Thanks to Jesulín de Ubrique and to the daughter he had with him has lived in tv for 20 years. Some believe that it is something deplorable, but others admire her for knowing how to stay in the limelight so much time with the same story. Belen Esteban is a replacement for Andrea Janeiro: Toño Sanchís and family.