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Apple has updated its guidelines for the development of the so-called “App Store Review Guidelines”, and this time, there is only a handful of corrections to the text, but also to substantial changes to the rule book entered into it.

The “App Store Review Guidelines explain, it allows the Application providers to which the application is or is not permitted and what the requirements are for the registered developers of the application are to be complied with.

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Push advertising upon up to Now by Apple

Push-advertising is OK

In the most recent Version of the document will be removed on the date, expressly carried out, but they never applied to bid on ads using the App to leave a message. A step to the future. As of now, the Marketing (via Push message), it is allowed that the user has expressly agreed to be bound by it.

As has been said in the paragraph so far, still, the Push notifications may not be required for the Application to work, and it should not be used for the purposes of advertising, promotions, or direct marketing purposes or for Sending personal, sensitive or confidential information is used,” writes Apple in its guidelines to now:

The Push notifications may not be required for the Application to work, and it should not be used to send sensitive, personal or confidential information. Push notifications should not be used for advertising purposes or for the purposes of direct marketing unless the consumer has expressly chosen by him, and in the user interface of your application is given – in addition to this, the App has to offer: the ability for a user to receive such messages, you can choose to cancel the subscription. The abuse of these services may lead to the withdrawal of their privileges.

The Advertising Push For The Apple

The new rules in their own self-interest,

Apps, dating, more, please, please, please

The Text of the section of the Apple Apps from the App Store do not have any more the necessary has been added. Here Apps, in scuba diving, in addition to farting and belching now, the new Dating applications:

[…] to avoid playing into the already-saturated category, with a new App in the App Store refuse to give you plenty of Fart App and burp App android, fortune teller App, the romance and the Kama Sutra-App, etc. We will be using this Apps if you fail to provide a unique, quality experience.

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