Quarrel between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, flying heels at New York Fashion Week


In the night between the 8th and the 9th of September, during New York Fashion Week, the two rappers Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, animated the evening with a lite rather trash that was filmed and duffusa on the web. At the base of the furious quarrel between the two, there would be rumors not beautiful that Minaj would have said to the phenomenon in the rapper female of the moment Cardi B. But we find out what happened.
What happened?
Although the two met a month ago at another event, was not initiated in any quarrel. To help us understand why the two rappers have arrived in time, was the famous web magazine Tmz, Nicki Minaj was sitting at a table surrounded by his bodyguards, the party organized by Haper’s Babarz, when Cardi B is approached so carelessly, and threatening vis-à-vis the Minaj. The row erupted because Minaj had spread of the bad thoughts in regard to the colleague, what that was not their pleasure to the new rap star in the USA. Below ,have turned the words a bit too large until one of the guards of the body of the Minaj, comes to hit you in the face the artist. Inevitable is the reaction to the box of Cardi B, to the point that he launched a shoe, strictly heel 12, to Nicki Minaj, who fortunately avoided the blow. Both were escorted to the exit. Always Tmz has released a video, which, however, does not report the moments of the highlights of the lita, but have been spread of the photos where Cardi B had swelling on the left eyebrow.

The declaration of Cardi B

Cardi B , immediately soon after , on his profile Instagram, he left a post that explains the animosity the issue and its causes. Between swear words and phrases, colourful, says that Nicki Minaj would tell lies on his behalf, urging colleagues to stay away from the artist, and even that would be decried as a mother.

The two rappers first of the lite

The version of Nicki Minaj

If, initially, to warm, and that is, immediately after the quarrel, Nicki Minaj was limited to posting photos of the party without ever mentioning the opponent, following are the joints of the statements. The rapper said “mortified” for what happened:

“It was so mortifying and so humiliating that happened in front of the class people that passed by, watching disgusted as we are shown. First of all I want to say that I would not speak never of the son of the other, and it is sad that someone wants me to tie this thing ‘bad guy’ and he knows that the people might believe it. Are all lies. Not ridicolizzerei never the son of anyone. It is crazy that people have a need to make Onika the bad guy he stated, using his real name – if you are in the right, you don’t need to make someone the bad guy. I’m not a clown, and these are things from clowns”. Nicki , turning to Cardi B: “Do you know what it’s like to sit in their room for hours and days to write rap? You came in my culture. I have never made a dj, make him play one of my songs.The Real Bitches do not would stick and never a woman. You’re angry, you’re sad, this is not fun. It is a fact that this woman needs help”.

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