Robert Pattinson wants you to remember what rare was to the saga ‘Twilight’


Possibly if we talk about the early work of Robert Pattinson the majority of the public will be back-dated to his character in the saga ‘Harry Potter’ or Edward Cullen in ‘Twilight’. But after the franchise of vampires, the interpreter chose to change her career and start starring in films that depart totally from the youthful audience that he had raised.

Even so, it seems that Pattinson is now ready to return to the film more conventional and this year we will be able to see him starring in the new Christopher Nolan, and will shortly give life to Batman in the new film by Matt Reeves. In contrast, in a interview recently the actor was asked about his last few years in the industry and how his perception changed when choosing roles (something that according to Pattinson comes before Cullen):

'Twilight' is more rare

“Even before Twilight, I was doing weird things. And to be honest, I always thought that Twilight was quite rare. Really it was the marketing which made it conventional. If you look at any interview I did, I would be emphasizing the chewing of the placenta, anything that might make disgusting, I tried to highlight. But, you know, a guy can’t compete against all the marketing department saying: “it Is an odyssey romantic, is beautiful.” It’s like, ‘No, it’s disgusting”.

Neither as much nor as bald

It is true that the vampires bright and the character of Taylor Lautner leads to conforming with the daughter of Bella after being in love with your mother, could be classed as something strange within this saga mainstream, but labeled ‘Twilight’ as a franchise in the underground seems excessive.

Surely those responsible are not concerned about the type of film that are, taking into account its more than three thousand million in the box office world. Hopefully in the future Pattinson continue to amaze us with bizarre characters in films as diverse as ‘Good time’ and ‘The Lighthouse’.