Rosana and him! The best kept secret ¡out now!


March 05, 2020
(16:59 CET)

Toñi Moreno has announced on MYHYV your new project. The presenter will post videos weekly on Mtmad where he will invite his followers to follow his routine of daily physical exercise. Acknowledge that you have not done sports in life, and that is a challenge that will cost you, but you want to look better with herself.

It is not the only one that makes sport. His former spouse, Rosana, and also take care of their health and for this board with the best. Miguel Lordán, of only 35 years, is the personal trainer of the singer and many other celebrities. The young man takes 18 years sculpting bodies of all those who want to get in your hands. Began as a hobby and ended up as their way of life.

Among his pupils, profiles as disparate as the Manuel Carrasco, Esther Expósito, Lydia Bosch, Macarena García, Alba Diaz or Malena Costa. The young is already a public figure. In fact your account of Instagram will check with a tic blue. And it already has over 70,000 followers on the social network.

Rosana with your personal trainer“The truth is that it is a hard work and sacrificed. My day starts with classes at 6:30 in the morning and finishes at 22 hours of the night. This is what I try to capture in networks: effort, sacrifice, passion for my work, motivation and above all sport and healthy life”, has the middle Jaleos.

“The first known clients that I had were Veronica Hidalgo, Wally Lopez and Daniel Grao. All of them are still training in the center and I have that to thank them for their effort, loyalty and for achieve the objectives that we set out, that is not only based on the training, but in a style of life”, she reveals.

He is very happy with all of them, especially with Rosana, who will hold a Spanish song, something of Alejandro Sanz, an artist, who would you love to train.