Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: for the price of the Hardware is in the Detail


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The samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is going to cost you about 1000 Euros, and the price for the built-in Hardware to give an account, according to a new report, but only about half of the cost.

With a Smartphone such as the Galaxy S20 Ultra-Samsung-restore, you’ll need a lot of components, however, the funding for the development, testing, Marketing, and many other locations, in addition to the Hardware costs, the costs in the case of a review of the Hardware on the table. However, it is very exciting, as the price of the Hardware for the Galaxy S20 Ultra-together, because the prices of the individual components allow a conclusion about the facilities of the hotel is in a very good value for money Smartphones in General, and to possible trade-offs in Particular.

The results of the report, a total of some 529 us dollars for all the parts and the Assembly of the device. About 38% of the price of over 1400 usd for a cell phone. For comparison, According to tech insights, the division of the 512 GB Version of the iPhone on 11, Pro. Max (retails for about 1,550 us dollars) shows that the components of the cost of around 490 dollars. Of the three, the most expensive component in the Galaxy S20 Ultra-s

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: for the price of the Hardware is in the Detail

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: for the price of the Hardware is in the Detail

Source: techinsights

in no Surprise to you. At 6.9-inch, 67 us dollars, followed by the Snapdragon 865 Chip-to-81-the-dollar and the most expensive components are the cameras, are cost effective, with a price of about 108 dollars.

On the Basis of many of the other Teardowns, and also in terms of the cost of the research, and that of many others, the investment away from pure Hardware, the price tag is the very fabric of the Galaxy S20 Ultra-pretty in a picture frame, and comparable to other companies. This is not to say, however, that the Award of the phones, such as the S series of Samsung and the iPhone from Apple have high profit margins. If you are looking for at the best price-performance ratio., the Xiaomi Mi-9T, would be a candidate.

Source: techinsights

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