Scarlett Johansson defended, and could be the Oscar


Have passed more than two years after the explosion of the #Metoo, the phenomenon that he is, wrapped up in the film business of Hollywood. Maybe, but now, Woody Allen pays the bill ended up to be in this round, allegations, while they were in the course of the filming of his last movie “A rainy day in New York”. It was november of 2017. In those days, of the New York Times the message of the scandal Weinstein spread the Newspapers all over the world. The case has attracted attention to the story included the new York Director and the allegations of sexual harassment, moved in 1992 from his adoptive daughter, Dylan Farrow.

The censorship in America

In spite of All, was never formally charged, in October 2017, the actor Griffin Newman he said via Twitter he had repented, was working for the Directorlike the other members of the cast of “A rainy day in New York”, including Rebecca Hall and Timothée Chalamethave even decided to donate the proceeds from the work of associations, the with their victims sexual harassmentas explained on your profile Instagram. Not only. The work of the Director, you are also disputes with Amazonthe American giant, he produced the film, that he blocked the exit in the us cinema shooting, the Director made before any contract for the future.

The success of the film in Italy

The lawyers of All managed to acquire, nevertheless, the rights of the film and distribute it in Europe and in the world, in more than 30 countries. Between the last in Italy, where the film thanks to Lucky Red it was a success, and remains at the evening box office only Frozen IIwith 1 million 240 thousand euro in revenues. Outside the borders of the United States attracts and confident-in short, the romance and the city, so as the dialogues, the brilliant characteristic of the Director, the offers a tribute to the timeless charm of the city New York. However, in the home, can not be projected.

The similar case of Roman Polanski

A similar fate is Roman Polanskithe 86-year-old film Director of Polish origin, confessing to the rape of a minor in California in 1977. Ila, his last Opera “The official and the led indicator”in Europe, a good continuation in the cinemas was censored, was in the United States. The sex scandal in Hollywood, a weight seems to not be undone.

The defense of Scarlett Johansson

“I think it is dangerous to manipulate, like you, represents you, why you’re afraid of the reaction that it triggers. This, to me, does not seem liberal. It seems to be scary”. So Scarlett Johanssonseveral times a muse of Woody Allen, the defence by strong accusations that he has received is to always be the defense of the Director. Location evaluated crazy the media industry, such as the Daily Beast, that he believed that this position pro All can costarle the Oscar for best actressat the time, as among the favorites, thanks to its performance in Marriage Storythe new film by Noah Baumbach, produced by Netflix.

However, the actress does not seem to care, and in an interview with “Vanity Fair” published on 26 november last year, emphasized that you have doubts as to the innocence of your friend woody Allen: “I know more than anyone else, I rely on my personal experience. Woody is my friend, I think, because of our relationship.”