Scarlett Johansson explains how to get to the premiere of ” Black Widow


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Scarlett Johansson Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow from the Marvel is

A new movie is in the exit, will be shown in the cinemas in may, and the actress has, that is a novelty. It is a project, organized in cooperation with Omazeat your disposal are a fan of the saga of a great opportunity. The platform ” fundraising online, in fact, thanks to partnership with Scarlett Johanssonwill give you the opportunity to win a trip for two to the premiere Black Widow all of which, the implementation of which is a minimum donation of $ 10.

The money collected will be for the financing of the mission Solar-Responderthe saving lives with renewable energy and management of the installations of solar systems, in the name of due to effects on the environment and an energy source to be trustworthy.

The exclusive event will take place in Los Angeles and the lucky winner can take a friend. Together, including in the price is an overnight stay in a 4 star hotel and access to the after-party, so the opportunity with the whole cast, and you spend the evening in their company. The announcement of the initiative came from the same Scarlett Johanssonit has given the message with a short video message in which he declared himself willing to “sacrifice” and drink the drinks of the winner, if he did not want you to drink!

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