Selma Blair, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Shannen Doherty meet in the selfie more noventera of the story


The actresses of ‘Cruel Intentions’ Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar have posted in their profiles of Instagram images that confirm the good friendship they have with each other and with Shannen Doherty.

“Perfect take. We have been in this city a long time. #TesorosNacionales. Protect with my life. The I want. We laughed. #Sandwichdelos90. PD: it Has paid for the most rich. ¡¡¡Thanks!!! PD: I Was trying to relax my face and look renewed.

Gellar wanted to also comment on the image of Blair, adding: “Featuring a new series. Brenda, Buffy and Zoe. We don’t have it so clear”, making reference to the characters ‘Feeling of living’, ‘Buffy vampire slayer’ and ‘Zoe, Duncan, Jack and Jane’ respectively.

“Proud to announce our three-person team for Battle of the Network All-stars. I Deseadnos luck!”

No matter what happens

The three iconic actresses of the 90’s, have shown that, over the years that pass, continue to maintain a very good friendship. The trio stayed to eat in Los Angeles and took the opportunity to take a few pictures.

  Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair

Throughout his life, both Blair and Doherty have had to face hard times. Blair was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in August of 2018, and today Doherty is facing her second breast cancer. The nice thing is that with these complicated situations, the three remain more united than ever.