Sonos is a kick: the Recycle bin so that a thing of the past


31. In October 2019, has launched the Sonos for it to be a trade-up program, the sound is, in fact, it’s not so bad: He was adopted from the old Hardware, and I got it in exchange for a discount of 30 per cent of the cost of a new Sonos device.

The way the Sounds and the waste is to be handled, but it has caused a lot of criticism. The need for a Firmware Update that makes the device unusable, and, then, the willingness to take care of. Sustainability and Recycling-they definitely seem to be different.

This mode of Recycling, in which I had the Sonos devices to allow you to change it as well, such as, for example, the Engadget left out. The trade-up program from there, however, you have to only specify the serial number of your device. Then, you can use the old Hardware, even more so, to sell, give away, or back to the Sounds you send.

You will not must not be forgotten: It comes to the Sounds of a device that already has a set number of years, and since may, with no further Updates on the Sounds you can get. As long as they still work, and that it is fully open.