Sony PlayStation 2-Sony goes on the air after more than 20 years of a great secret


If you still have a PlayStation 2 in your you Have is you have to pick up the console again and in more detail under the microscope. Because, as Sony said in a blog Post, Twitter is for the PS2, about a “secret Feature”.

The secret is hidden away on the Sony's legendary console?The secret is hidden away on the Sony’s legendary console?

– PlayStation 2: unknown entity

Even if the PlayStation 5 has not been unveiled yet officially, but there is no doubt that you are going to get for Christmas this year, sales in the shops. As long as the new generation of consoles, with the current interest in Sony, it is a particularly large one, and in addition to that, the PS2 has recently celebrated its 20th birthday, it came with the Sony to the conclusion that now is the perfect time to the one mystery of the PS2 to make it well-known that a lot of Fans previously knew nothing about.

Sony has made the official PlayStation Twitter Account, for the audience, and, right now, it is expected that it is possible to to turn on the “PLAYSTATION 2″Logo on the side. This Feature was probably added for gamers who use their Console vertical I wanted to do. The secret turned out to be for the PS2, the owners of well-known, but the majority of those that have remained hidden from.

In the comments under the Sony Twitter Post a lot of GIFs to find that the expressions, such as overwhelmed by the Community it is, but it is also one or the other of the Video, the Fans show how they umswitchen for your the PS2-Logo. Other reviewers claim that they have this Feature already for a long time, well known, and that the the Logo is on the PS3, have it as a Switch. But there are also voices that show this is the old one, in secret, without interest, and the news on the PS5 I would like to be. Some of the Fans in the hope that it in the Post-a-note it is expected that the PlayStation 5 will be in the headlines for all the previous PlayStation generations-compatible with the previous versions, but it’s really just a note, it is open to question.

It is that, in a Game of secrets and Easter eggs, only after years and years of waiting to be discovered. But it is also Consoles are about these secrets has this is not surprising. If you have a PS2 and don’t have the Logo on the Switch, and now I knew that she pulls out once more, and check out the secret of its own resourcesyou can either console in order to connect it to your TV. For the PS2 of its time-that are the real headlines from the Top may not be published, and if you haven’t played it, so maybe now is a good time to do it.

Only the Hardcore Fans could answer some of these questions

20 years after the release of the PS2, Sony has surprised us with the announcement of the key Features of the console, a lot of Fans. Did you know about this, or is this Information new to you? Please write it in the comments.