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We’ve criticized in the past, the month of October, lead the way for Recycling in the united states since the very Beginning. Under the keyword “sustainability” has been released, and the speaker of the provider at the time, the so-called “Trade-Up”program, which gave customers a 30 percent discount on the new Sonos speaker.

Sounds Sustainable

“Trade-up”program: the Operation of a Loudspeaker should be in the trash

A pre-requisite, however, was of the view that this should turn in the old one, which is still in operation, the devices using the Sonos App that was in the scrap yard. For a transfer, or (2). -Handheld sales are excluded, according to Sonos, users are requested to bring the equipment to a “sustainable” disposal of the next waste disposal company.

A mind-boggling action, which was criticized at the beginning of the year, also for the BBC. The attention of the media, which has led to so many headlines, it Sounds rowed back to the short-hand (half-heartedly) apologized and promised for the older systems, but even with the latest Software Updates. The “Trade-Up”program to the Recycle bin, however, we have been offered the same.

Right now, it should go away. As for the magazine, from the technology to The Verge, the experience can bring, both to Accompany you to grant a special discount of 30%, without the requirement of the clients, they should scrap the functioning of the Hardware. In the pages of “exchange”program to be up-to-date in the next few days, according to.

A final insight, the one that states that the Image of the us, so far, without any of the restrictions are recommended for multi-room experts, it has massively suffered as a result of the one that is painted green and is on Sale.

That are affected have the following Sonos products, which will be in may and no further updates to software or new features:

  • The Zone Player To Connect To (Sold it in 2006, and by the end of 2015)
  • Zoneplayer-Connect:Amp (Sold it in 2006, and by the end of 2015)
  • Play:as in 5, 1 in. Generation (Sold in 2009).
  • CR200 (Sold in 2009).
  • Sonos Bridge (Commencement of sales in 2007).

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