Sounds you create in the way of Recycling, and land on the next PR Disaster


As The Verge reported, that Accompany changes in the trade-up program in the united states. In Germany, it is still to be seen, however, that the adaptation of the website in the next few days, ” says The Verge. Then it is necessary to take in the Sounds of a trade-up program is still a 30-per-cent – but you have to let the built-in speaker, you have to log-in, it is not junk.

As the owner of a loud-speaker as the Play:5 is the first Generation, you don’t have to work any more, the technology to destroy it. According to The Verge, the built-in speaker can be used, or to someone else in the past. The recovery, however, is, of course, it is still possible, but it is not necessarily a given.

To accompany the changes in Germany, it is still unchanged

Sonos have been removed from your App to the Recycle bin, and a note is replaced, then the user can call up the customer service, if you would like to participate in the exchange program. In Germany, it is still to be seen. In addition to this, in the pages of the web site to talk about a way to Recycle, it should be turned on, and 21 days after the activation of the attack. The built-in speaker, then it is useless.

The next PR Disaster

We, therefore, advise strongly against it, and now the Sounds of a trade-up program. As The Verge cited a speaker from Sonos, which, once enabled, the Recycle bin can not be done in such a way. Sounds you run the risk of the next Disaster in terms of public relations. Even though it is now a working technology, don’t scrap angry, but the users who have the action already. You will be rewarded for those who may have previously expected. You can hold them, according to the The Verge of your Sonos speakers and you also get a discount of up to 30%.

However, in the Meantime, it is not clear how the outdated components, in the future, and to work with the new system Sounds, No. As it Sounds you are on the site, you may choose to leave the System the way it is. Then, all of the speakers work together you will get, but no more Updates. Or, you have a couple of obsolete components, and has two parallel Sonos system – which is opposed to the idea of a Multiroom resist the temptation.