Stadium, Google-brings-God-of-war-veteran-to the new Studio


Stadium, Google-brings-God-of-war-veteran-to the new Studio

A new development Studio in California, Playa Vista is to create games that are exclusive to the Google Arena. Google brings you to this well-known of the personnel of the ship’s Shannon Studstill, takes over the management of the new Office. Prior to that she was the boss of the Sony PlayStation, the Studio is in Santa Monica, and several of God, of the securities involved.

The new Stadiums in the Studio for the exclusive games

The specific projects for the new Studio have not yet been caught. However, the exclusive titles and new IPs, are planned, where the new mechanics of the game are used. In the past year, Google has opened the first of the Stadiums to the Studio, in Montréal, québec, Canada. The new Studio is in the West Los Angeles area work forces, they are now looking for.

The brand new Playa Vista Studio will focus on delivering games that are unique, new game play mechanics, creative ways to Play the game, and the only one of the models of interaction, which we will explore.

Jade Raymond, the Head of the host Stadiums for Games and Entertainment

God-of-war, a veteran Shannon Studstill contractor

The Head of the Google division of the Stages of the Games and Entertainment, Jade Raymond, has been filed with the Shannon Studstill, another high-profile new arrival. Studstill, takes over the management of the Stadiums and Studios in Playa Vista, and it has a lot of experience. The last Studhill took the Santa Monica Studio of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and has been very successful at it. The various headings of the well-known Action-Adventure game in the series, god-of-war were caused by Studstill, with. Also for the year 2018, the published god of war iii for the PlayStation 4, a gaming veteran, was the chief of police. The line of the Santa Monica, She Rocks, that you come to an agreement with Sony for nearly 20 years of experience in the development of the PlayStation, and in the case of the great titles that the Studios involved were taking place.

The stadiums have not yet on the road

Google’s game-Streaming platform to stage (Hands-On), however, it is still not enough. Since its launch in November, 2019 at the latest, the game, the range is available in a 28-titles are still very easy to handle. According to reports in the media, there are also Indie-developers, they are not a significant financial incentive to publish their games in the Stadium. In addition to this, you have a certain degree of uncertainty, a time in which Google is well-known for its service to a big lead, the team once again. A great success at the Stadiums, it is not up to it today.