Study: Starlink & co. it would interfere with the inner part of the fort


The planned satellite networks for the provision of land, access to the Internet could have an impact on astronomy, to varying degrees, especially in the shots of the big party in the Sky-the pursuit of short-term events would be affected. Part of a 30-to 50-percent of the recordings in such a large country, it might be telescopes are “seriously” affected, according to a study carried out at the European southern Observatory (ESO), which has been accepted for publication in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics. It is measured as to justify the Concerns of the plans for the nets, SpaceX, Amazon, OneWeb and other companies.

After Elon, he started Musks space company, SpaceX, in the summer of 2019 to be a world-spanning network, the Internet, Starlink build up, it was always implied more and more the astronomers of concern. Especially if the satellite has not yet reached its final Position, you are in the sky, partially visible, and it was even a surprise to the experts, with their brilliance. But, even if it is not, then, to the naked eye, but is visible, it may affect the ground-based astronomy, had notified the International astronomical Union (IAU). Photos taken by satellite to tracks, so, it seemed to confirm that.

These satellites are only visible when they are lit up by the sun, but also, if you’ve been to or even below the horizon.

(Image: ESO/L. Calçada)

In view of these concerns, the ESTABLISHMENT had commissioned the study. The impact on astronomy of the ESO in the visible and in the infra-red spectrum, it should be a top priority, with other telescopes and must be taken into account, ” said the Observatory. The therefore, the main conclusion must be that the Very Large Telescope (VLT), and the construction of extremely Large Telescope (ELT) of a constellation of satellites, the “moderate,” it would be a hit. Especially for the long exposures (about 1000 seconds), it would be affected in the twilight, over here, up to 3 per cent, of the tape recordings may be destroyed. For short exposures would be about 0.5 per cent.

These impacts can be mitigated through the measures in the centre, but, by, for example, that the astronomers plan on to the Position of the satellite in its work. SpaceX & co., in turn, the satellite is dark, in order to reduce. The authors have a total of 18 of these sets, and to determine results for a total of over 26,000 satellite tv from these networks. They point out that their results are due to the many unknown variables, too thick, and it is only a first quantitative estimate, of what it is. He was a conservative, the results from the simplifications and assumptions.

While it is likely to be one of the people responsible for the ESTABLISHMENT, at least a little bit reassuring, the other observatories are not significantly different. Wide-field survey telescopes, such as the one planned in Vera C. Rubin, the Observatory of the U. S. National Science Foundation, which is the key strength in a short space of time, a large part of the sky to find out the duration of phenomena such as Supernovae and potentially hazardous asteroids and to find a notice on the targets for other telescopes. Here, you can also be affected at certain times of the half of the album is “strong”: “a Single night in the middle of the winter would likely be affected”, warn the authors.

The sets, until now, taken care of immediately after the start, for the majority of the attention, but this time, they are not included in the study. Even if the satellites are in a particularly spectacular and bright, this state is short-lived, according to the researchers of this decision. They are, however, that such transactions may be in the tens-of-thousands-of-satellites, in the future, significantly more frequently than in the past. Don’t they have investigated also the possible implications for the Radio, Millimeter, and Submillimeter astronomy operated by the ESO’s other observatory. He should give it his own review.