Taika Waititi: “Scarlett Johansson is the star of the decade”


Taika Waititi has defined the actress Scarlett Johansson, a Director in the film Jojo Rabbit, the star of the decade.





Taika Waititi defined Scarlett Johansson the star of the decade in a speech published by the The Hollywood Reporter the actress for the Director in Jojo Rabbit praises.

The filmmaker has explained that the actress, working in the entertainment life of the world, but in the last decade has been through, the possibilities are very interesting, apart from the fact that the main role in cinecomic Marvel. Taika Waititi has pointed out: “I was always the people interested in the other in uncertainty and see for yourself, placing them in projects to keep your interest. Scarlett Johansson cares really about and interest in others, and has a sense of humor, the really sharp. These are qualities that he used to play the role of Rosie in Jojo Rabbit“.

The film-maker, he says, and stresses: “I would like to see you to pray, more intelligent comedies, not the General, but in something that the intelligence in the project. He has a great sense of irony and a sarcasm that really works the genre well in this movie“.

Jojo Rabbit Taika Waititi Novel, Griffin Davis

Jojo Rabbit: a novel, Griffin and Davis, Scarlett Johnasson in a scene

The tribute Waititi Scarlett Johansson continues by stating: “It didn’t seem to care about what will happen in the future and it’s really nice to work with, in which the actors are sure of themselves and of their own capabilities. But people like Scarlett not to say, also to the Directors, if you are in a position to do something, or not feeling well. Not so, that due to complications, but because know yourself so well“.

Jojo Rabbit 5

Jojo Rabbit: a scene from the film with Taika Waititi, Roman, Griffin, Davis

Taika Waititi has added: “Often, when movies, there are concerns of the actors, but working with Scarlett is, as always, a creative partner on the set. One day, while shooting, I have problems with some parts of the dialogues of Scarlett and I are working on the script. We were all sitting and have passed 15 minutes. In these situations, the people begin to move, nervous and worried, because there is always a certain amount of panic on the set. It can be difficult to remember to take care of yourself, your time and ensure that you get what you need, if you work through the rotation. At this time, but Scarlett told me, ‘never again, never on the set. This is the only way that we turn. We are here. All of them are dressed and made up, and the whole troop is here, so do not hurry up things, because we are concerned about the time. If we try to do the work in the right way, then let us do it. What, ten minutes?’. It was really nice to have an ally“.