Tamara Falcó and him! Very famous in Spain ¡Saturday night if…


March 06, 2020
(12:09 CET)

The step of Tamara Falcó by MasterChef Celebrity 4 he came wonder. The spectators had the opportunity to discover another facet totally different from the celebrity. He’s always been an image arrogant, overbearing, believed, classist, and little nearby, however in the talent show proved just the opposite. He received the support of the followers of the competition and also the trophy of winning.

Tamara FalcóThanks to MasterChef is currently immersed in a multitude of professional commitments related to the kitchen, without neglecting his role as a designer. The talent show also brought him great friendships and almost up to a possible boyfriend, Jordi Cruz. With John Countersunk, also a designer, connected straight away. Together they looked at the house of the Preysler and prepared the evidence which should be submitted. Together they launched a capsule collection.

After participating in several ads, show cookings and other projects, the daughter of Isabel Preysler has decided to take a break and escape to Lanzarote. Last week was the protagonist of one of the buildings most sensual of all the celebrities. The young it has been enfudado the bikini taking advantage of the high temperatures of the islands. 38 year-old designer has surprised you with an amazing hot body. The entrepreneur has surprised with his amazing abdominal markings.

All thanks to a style healthy, a diet that is balanced and a lot of physical exercise. “What tipazo”, “small abdominal”, “go to tablet” or “often hot body” are just some of the comments that we engaged to Tamara. His brother-in-law Fernando Verdasco neither has been able to avoid comment on the photo. “Go sister-in-law more gun I have”says the husband of Anna Boyer which does not hesitate to applaud the image of the daughter of the marquis of Griñón.

Some believe that Tamara Falcó could have been subjected to other solutions faster to get those abdominal infarction. The daughter of the Preysler would have been subjected to a revolutionary treatment widely used among celebrities, liposuction, sculptural 4D.

This technique, the result of the evolution of the own conventional liposuction, used medical equipment VASER®. It is a procedure minimally invasive that acts selectively on the fat, not affecting the blood vessels or nerves, so the pain and the inflammation postoperative are considerably reduced. Such selective proceeding prevents excessive bleeding and bruising.

Everyone wants to have with Tamara Falcó. Since your step-by-MasterChef the phone did not stop ringing constantly, but the young can not with all projects. His family participated in the program of TVE, Ties of blood. Now is Mediaset who would be interested in it to participate in any of its programs. It is rumored that they offered him to be one of the contestants of new editions of Come dine with me Gourmet Edition. In addition, they would like to sit on the set of Saturday Deluxe next to Jorge Javier Vázquez to grant your interview more intimate. The figure offered by it is very appealing.