Terrible blow. And it is to Isabel Pantoja. Just know this. “Have a very bad end”


Isabel Pantoja in Turn to see

March 05, 2020
(15:07 CET)

Isabel Pantoja has already completed the recordings of Idol Kids. Despite the setbacks, Telecinco has already prepared the first edition of the format, although currently there is no date of issuance. Viewers have already been able to enjoy a promotional advertisement where it looks down on a private plane, with a lot of class, to the three members of the jury: Carlos Jean, Edurne and Isabel Pantoja.

The singer is still very worried about the state of health of his mother, Doña Ana. She halted the recordings of this new talent show. The grandmother of Kiko Rivera has suffered a stroke that caused him to stay admitted for a long time. Although it is deliciada, it seems that within the severity, your mother is stable. Isabel Pantoja is available to retrieve your schedule of professional commitments. In addition, now comes the more illusion will ago.

Isabel Pantoja bringing the hands to the headThis Friday, the 6th of march Isabel Pantoja will return for an end to the scenarios for the large door of the hand of Mediaset. Their first concert will take place in the Wizink Center of Madrid. Will start after 21 hours and there are still places for sale. Enough. The renowned vocalist will be with his faithful followers, however you will have two absences very prominent.

On the one hand Doña Ana did not accompany him to more concerts. Even though it is best for the good of his health and for his long-term age, Doña Ana no longer can make trips long and must be attended at all times. Has always been your great support and probably since the distance will remain.

Another major low is your daughter, Isa Pantoja. The collaborator of The program of Ana Rosa celebrated on the same day the birthday party of his son Alberto. That is to say that the grandmother of the child not attend the most special day of her grandson. Once more back to demonstrate estrangement and differences between children. Kiko Rivera if you go to the concert and will probably do so accompanied by Irene Rosales and Omar Mountains.