The 360-degree view of the Mars “Curiosity” sends, a stereo pan


The dream of a life on Mars at some point in order to implement the shuttle and sent forth his scouts. The Mars Rover “Curiosity,” that is, as of October 2012, on the Red planet and sends back a complete picture of the earth as it was before-which has never been seen.

The images of the planet Mars, the sent of Curiosity,” in the past, to the earth, and, fascinated not only by the experts. Nevertheless, the actual 360-degree Panorama released by Nasa, right now, is superior to all the previous ones. The cameras on the Mars Rovers, with 24. November 1. In December of 2019 at the latest, over 1000 photos taken, and the space Agency of the USA on the ground, it is sent, according to Nasa. Here were composed of experts from all of the data for the high-resolution image. Thus, the light conditions were compared to each other, have been made to the recordings, for the period from 12 to 14 hours and to Mars in time. A total of more than six and a half years, it was necessary for a time, for up to four days.


The stunning picture shows a panoramic view of many of the Details, and the current location of the Rover on Mars in Glen Torridon. “Curiosity” is located in the vicinity of the top of the mountain, one of the researchers, based in Scotland and the North-West, called the high-country of Mount Sharp. The researchers halted the Mars Rover also in the so-called Gale Crater, to do the recordings. In this case, the telephoto lens of the mast camera, and a half-angle of the used lens. Nasa explains in a Video on the Details of the recording.

“Curiosity,” it is a dry husk

In history, there’s a huge, dry, skin. Mount Sharp is located inside of the crater, and it was close to 5000 feet in height. On the top of the mountain that is higher than the rim of the crater. The researchers believe that the crater was filled-in the billions-of-years-ago-the-water. This is the reason why the Curiosity has landed “” I, because you, like all of the other Mars Mission will also be sought for this, for life on the Red planet.

In the present audio system, the panoramic image consists of a total of 1.8 billion pixels in size. He’s got a robot arm and to the Deck of the Mars, it can be seen from Rovers, which could be ready for success in 2012 in both space and time. “Curiosity” has been successfully working there. Nasa provides a picture of the original for all interested parties to Download. However, the file is 2.25 mb in size.

The new Mars Rover from Nasa, you can lay claim to similar success for themselves remains to be seen. At least one of a name, which he is now: Perseverance, endurance.