The dance Natti Natasha in front of the mirror that goes viral in hours


Natti Natasha you know that one of their most powerful weapons are his dance moves. Their sensual choreographies are one of the secrets of his success. Few as the lead singer of the Dominican Republic know get as much out of your body on the stage.

But it is not easy. Natti pass sessions eternal trials. Spends hours and hours practicing their movements. Leaves none to chance. And I must say that, in the same way that he gives everything in their concerts, also in your training.

Natti Natasha
Natti Natasha

So tried Natti Natasha

Attention to the video that became viral in minutes of the it girl Latin american and that we share below. It looks to Natasha practicing in front of the mirror in a gym, with a combination very provocative composed by a mini black top and a pair of sports, which is responsible for manipulating to insinuarlo all but it doesn’t teach anything. All this while dancing to the rhythm of Daddy Yankee. Don’t miss out.

Social networks

It is fair to say that Natti it is not the celebrities more followed Instagram. With 22,6 millions of followers, is below Becky Gwith 24 million followersor Karol Gthat sum 27 million fans. Not to mention stars like Ariana Grande or Selena Gomezwomen followed by the social network with 176 and 169 million of followers, respectively.

However, with fans who post videos like the one above, she does not need to Natti Natasha be the most followed to become a trending topic or focus all eyes on the network.