The effects of the Gas? The grand opening and the Launch of the Next-Gen, moved to the console, according to rumors


Even so, it is not clear when the PS5 will be revealed to you in the end. The current rumor has it that the outbreak of the Coronavirus may have taken both to the disclosure of the PS5, as well as the Launch of the new console have been pushed back.

PS5: the impact of the Reservoir? The grand opening and the Launch of the Next-Gen, moved to the console, according to rumors

Although we have referred to in the last few weeks, regularly, for more Details on the Xbox, X-Series, cover for Sony Interactive Entertainment, more Quietly.

Despite the fact that the company has confirmed in the past for Characteristics such as compatibility with previous versions, the revision of the DualShock controller, or a solid-state memory, an estimate of the time of the official presentation of the console, or the in-depth technical data is, unfortunately, most of the stars. The current rumor is that in this case, it may be due to the emergence of the underground water Reservoirs.

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This would, at a minimum, you will have a Luke Stephens know for sure that your fonts on the Sony, or is Sony Interactive Entertainment, to be familiar with the situation. As Stephen said, you should go for the official launch of the PS5 was originally about a week ago, on the stage. Due to the Coronavirus, the directors have, however, decided to postpone the launch of the console in a non-closer to the call date.

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The information of Stephens, in accordance with the facts, so let’s get to this month, and detailed information on the subject in the house. In addition to this, Stephen was informed that not only is the presentation of the PS5 is not affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Due to concerns that the supply chain has been pushed out, according to Stephens, the Launch of the PS5-to-back.

So, Sony or Sony Interactive Entertainment, there’s a long, long time to convey the information of Stephens, it should be appreciated that based on the information of the user, for the time being, with the necessary caution. In accordance with the current state of affairs, and the PS5 is released, as well as the Xbox, the X Series at the this year’s Christmas business.

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