The filmmaker, cuban-Spanish, Alejandro Hernandez shot the series “Cigars” on the island


The filmmaker, cuban-Spanish, Alejandro Hernandez will roll this year in The Havana series, ‘Cigars’, for the Spanish company Movistar+.

Hernandez says that the series will be a trip to its cuban roots. “I was born and raised there. And during 6 years, between 12 and 18, I participated in all campaigns tobacco“.

This cuban confesses that in the nineties, got money by selling the box of Montecristi in order to pay for his studies at the film school of San Antonio de los Baños.

The series is set in The Havana of the 30’s of the TWENTIETH century, where a Spanish actor will travel to impersonate a businessman andalusian. There you will meet a cuban and you will be captivated by the island.

The casting for the actress who will that character is already in progress in the island.

Hernandez states that “the tobaccoprobably the greatest exponent of the national identity of cuban (besides the music) has hardly been shown in the fiction”. That’s why she decided to say, along with the writer Manuel Martín Cuenca, the known universe of the production and culture of tobacco.

‘Cigars’ is based on an original idea from producer Jose Maria Morales, founder of Wanda Films, a company will produce in collaboration with the institute of cuban cinema, ICAIC, adds the release of Movistar+.

The series of six episodes will be a portrait of Cuba with its virtues and its miseries, their desires and weaknesses.

Alejandro Hernandez won a Goya award for his screenplay of ‘All women’ and was nominated on three other occasions by scripts to Movistar+.

For the moment it is unknown when it will be released this co-production Spanish-cuban.

In 2019 the sale of cuban cigars exceeded 531 million of dollars.

‘Cigars’ – Synopsis

Havana in the thirties is a city in full swing. A party, like Paris, but in the heart of the Caribbean sea. In the midst of coups, economic strength, music and debauchery, Carlos Ramos, is a Spanish actor who has never stepped foot in America, accepts the proposal of a young entrepreneur andalusian for travel to Cuba by pretending to be him. The goal is to make you win time to the entrepreneur while solving their problems of life. A goal easy to reach. Carlos just has to pretend, and Cuba makes it easy.

Over A period of two months will be a life of luxury next to a well-off family, the Lahera, owners of the best vegas of tobacco in the country. His daughter, Hilda, a young woman trained in american universities, assumes the leadership of the launch of the first brand of cigars gourmet: the Prestige. Carlos has not smoked a cigar in his life, but would give an arm because Hilda with him…

Suddenly, a simple plan based on assume an identity to change a lot of pleasure and five thousand pesetas, it becomes a real nightmare. Because you can’t live surrounded by privileges and accept, from night to morning, that none belongs to you.