The fish more naughty that you can buy in Mercadona and other supermarkets


The boat of the Fisherman (II)

March 05, 2020
(15:01 CET)

The fish is essential in any diet worth its salt and that is why you must always be on our shopping list, however, save in fish and buy the cheaper it is not good business for our health.

That “white fish” that are so economic in the supermarkets in a double-edged sword.

There are three fish that best far near as the pangathe perch or the tilapia. Meals tasteless that encourage us to batter and won’t bring just anything to our health.

The low cost of the panga makes it one of the fish most consumed

What is the problem of the panga?

The panga fish is one of the most normally purchased for its low price, however, is one of the foods most contaminated that you will find in the supermarkets despite the fact that sold in Spain it already has a guarantee of health after passing the examinations of health more stringent. Not so the rest.

This fish comes mostly from southeast asia, in particular the river Mekongwaters , a well-known and recognized by the high pollution. In addition, slices of the area arastran a curriculum almost single sansaciones by poisoning in the sale to third parties due to unhealthiness.

Add to this that the boat is not a fish rich in nustrientes for our organism, on the contrary. For example, to the side of the hake has a protein percentage below 50%.

In a similar line are the perch and the tilapia, so the nutrition experts recommend the purchase of other fish in front of these.