The game of on PlayStation: PS4-Free-Theme-enabled, So you can get to it


The game of on PlayStation: PS4-Free-Theme-enabled, So you can get to it

The newly-released PlayStation Game to reach the final, which means that you, the student, you can take advantage of the last Bonus received. First of all, it had to be played by the players in the global 675,000 games and eur 2.7 million from the trophies you earned.

In the Bonus round, this is a dynamic PS4 Theme that you can download for free from your console. The special feature of this Project is: It combines both the big four and the Sony-Blockbuster, they are displayed one at a time. These include the following:

  • The Last of Us 2
  • God-of-war
  • Uncharted 4
  • The Horizon Zero-The Dawn

Below is an embedded Tweet, it shows a dynamic PS4 Theme in action.

So, you can get the Free Theme

All of the rewards of the game on the PlayStation solid, and are only available to participants who have registered in a timely manner. All the other players go away empty-handed.

Were you at the time, and to keep your mailbox in the eye. According to Sony, will be available in the next week, and a notification system. In addition, the company has sent the Subject Code to the email address associated with your PSN ID.

You can win

1. The destination (place)

  • Task: 24. February, to play together, to 125,000 of games, and over 500,000 of trophies to win
  • The reward: A unique static-PS4-a Design an exclusive and a PSN Avatar

2. The destination (place)

  • Task: 375.000, play games, and 1.5 million in awards to win
  • The reward: The five exclusive PSN Avatar pictures

3. The destination (place)

  • Task: 675,000 games to play, and to 2.7 million in awards
  • The reward: A unique dynamic of the PS4’s Design

In addition to the above bonuses, players will have the chance to win a PlayStation Kit. It consists of a real PlayStation Platinum trophy in with your PSN ID.

Most messages are for the PS4.

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