The half-Life, Black Mesa, let’s play: “Good Morning, Mr. In the series”


Hell, even Black Mesa, we can do that for you, as Gordon Freeman, only to show up just in time for the service and in research laboratories. This is, of course, it is not intended to be serious, Neither of us can ride the train in the Intro, I speed up, or do anything else. And it’s also a disaster in the reaction chamber, we can’t stop it. This is, on the one hand and tragic on the other side, but it is also a good one, because of the adventures of Gordon Freeman is that you can take to the course.

The job market

  1. The Fraunhofer institute for Software and systems engineering ISST, Dortmund
  2. Friedrich Lütze GmbH, Weinstadt, near Stuttgart

5. In march 2020, the Black Mesa on Steam (at least for now) the final Version is available. The action game is born from a re-release of the 1998 of the Valve, produced the classic Life. Black Mesa is brought to you by a Team called the crow-bar conference with the official support from Valve for the last 13 years, based on the Source Engine.

In 20 chapters, we get to experience, such as Gordon Freeman, as he has been the first one to the accident in the reactor chamber, and as the New york city-located with the research facility in Black Mesa from aliens, and a little later, for the time being, for the reason unknown to the enemy, the soldiers of the elite will be charged to you. In the end it brings we us to the alien world.

The developers call it the ” Black Mesa as a Remake, but a Re-Imagining of what we might translate as a return. The program provides you with a reasonably modern graphics-not quite up-to-date, but it’s much better than the outdated Original and beautiful to look at.

The room and all of the elements of the story to follow, in large part, to the Original, but there are a few with the additional well-crafted 3D puzzle. For example, when it comes to opening doors or finding a way through the versperrtes the area.

By far, the biggest improvements are in the alien world of Xen. In the novel, the sections that have been hated by many players, quite literally, because it was, at the time of a tactically-inspired, fighting with the soldiers of the elite, and then suddenly, on the dropping in the over the top, colorful environments, free-floating platforms-in-depth.

Xen now seems to be a lot more interesting, and we don’t take fall damage, and there are plenty of good puzzles. Also, in a very small, but for the later Half of Life, it is not without importance to the plot detail that has a crow-bar as adapted for the group. When the players in the Beta test, which went well, only a significantly lower level of difficulty compared to the beginning has caused the criticism.

In the beginning everything is calm at the drive-in-search-of-Black-Mesa. (Image: Foot-Of-The-Goat-The Collective/The Screenshot:

Black Mesa is on Steam for about 18 Euros, about 12 GB, Download great the available. The game features English voice output with optional German subtitles. The Half-Life Valve the for the 23. In march of the year 2020, recently announced the VR-game in action in the Citadel.


The Black Table is a Feast for all Fans of Half-Life. If you have not played the Original back in, then it comes up as Gordon Freeman in the enjoyment of a great game. And those who know the classic you already have, as well as discover the joy in it Again, and Compare it to your life. The graphics in the new edition seem to have succeeded in the assault, and soon all is well. A relatively strong Change in the design of the Xen, it can be argued, in the beginning, but the fun is in the alien world.

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