The Harsh teaches the stretch marks from your body with a protest message for women

The cuban Dilimane Jouve, partner of the reguetonero cubano Jacob Forevernot only has leveraged its success in Instagram to model and promote clothing and products, but also to create a space dedicated to its female audience that supports and promotes the real beauty.

The Hard, as it is popularly known in the environment of cuba, wanted to launch a message of struggle showing, without complex and full of pride, through a photograph in which she appears posing in a bathing suit, stretch marks that were in the area of your hips after pregnancy because of its daughter Saisha.

“Eye… I Could have put in another angle where the camera does not notice my stretch marks, but why hide them? On the contrary, I feel proud of them as they are the proof that I brought life into this world. The moral of the story, feel beautiful just as you are”, wrote the young man next to the publication.

There have been many women who have felt identified with the reflection of The Hard and have been grateful that, despite having one of the figures most enviable within the showbiz, has decided to show the marks that it has in its body before the eyes of their 261 thousand followers.

This is made clear by the thousands of ‘likes’ that builds up the snapshot and some of the messages that can be read in the post of the influencer. Words like “you’re beautiful, and that makes you more beautiful still because those are the footsteps that you created life”, “So beautiful and so wise. I adore you, precious, you are a pride for us as the cuban”, “Beautiful you are an example” or “you Are beautiful and you have a baby that is a gift of God”, there are several that stand out from the crowd of comments.

Just a few days ago The Hard fell in love to their followers with some sexy pictures in swimsuit belonging to the same session as the photos in the that do not could be seen their stretch marks, but rather highlighted her statuesque figure.

Although many were the compliments which the young man received in his time, now sees that she has wanted to be much more natural, and teach their fans that nothing is perfect, and that also has imperfections like any human being.

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