The iPad, by Apple, for under € 300


Apple’s Tablet-the best-selling The new iPad is a huge success, and ending at the test time and time again in front of you. With a stylish Design, ease-of-use and the length of the year is one of the most important benefits. With less than 300 Euros for the entry-level model price breaks today to a new low. We have seen that the supply on Ebay is in much more detail.

For high school, College, at home, and the grandparents and the children, and the iPad is popular among all age groups, and convinces you with high-quality, and the best App selection, and the long-term, Software, Updates. On Ebay there is a Entry-level model in the silver color with 32 gb of memory, and a Display, a 10.2-inch diagonal for less than 300 Euros. Finally, it was on Black Friday that are available at this price point. It pays to be quick.

Topdeal on the evening of the 5th of September. March: on the Windows Laptop as cheap as never before

  • Hammer Is A Bargain.: iPad with a 10.2-inch display and 7. Generation (current model) with 32 GB of memory in silver Of 379 € 299,15 Euro with the coupon code POWEREBAY5 in the case of Ebay. Recently, the price of the Tablet from Apple, it was reduced on Black Friday so heavily. Typically, the iPad is going to cost you from € 350.
  • The Microsoft Surface Is A Book 2 for 1.749 Euro 1.099 €. The model with 256 gigabytes (GB) of memory, a 13-inch Display, Intel i5 processor and 8 GB of memory, has never been more convenient. The comparison shows that the retailers do charge more than 1,600 euros. You save today, the more than 500 Euros.
  • Very low The Suunto 3 Out Of A Fitness Smartwatch for 147 € 94,99 EUR. The watch measures your pulse and records your Workouts. As low as the rest of the day, was the Smartwatch on for ever. You can save about 50 euros.
  • Bosch jig saw STS 900 with a coupon for a discount on the Amazon website for the 99,99 € By 63,99 EUR. You have to activate your Coupon directly from Amazon on the product page, in order to save the 9 euro. In the case of merchants, the model is priced at just under € 75.

Topdeal is in the details: the iPad 10.2-inch display at 300 with the coupon code


Ideal for the student, and to surf the web on The iPad’s 10.2-inch display is the entry-level tablet from Apple, and now, for the bargain price is available. The Tablet also impresses with a very fast, high-quality, long-life battery for up to 36 hours, and with the support of the Apple in Pencil.

The only drawback: With 32 gigabytes of memory, and the range is very low. For watching movies, browsing the Internet, and it’s a couple of pictures, the memory is still good enough. Our tip: use Apple’s iCloud service you can store lots of photos and Videos, and even Apps in the Cloud to save storage space.

It is for this reason that the iPad is a good choice for you

Discounts are available for the Apple products that you rarely use. With the coupon code POWEREBAY5 you have come to the final price of the 299,15 the Euro. The Code that you type into the checkout process of your order. The Tablet is the ideal entry-level, and it is sufficient for the film to look, and to browse the Internet completely. Our verdict: More of an iPad, you don’t have to. With a pen, and a keyboard, you expand the functions in a convenient and Portable way of replacing it.

A seller’s rating on Ebay is 100% positive. The dealer is in Germany and sells the iPad in its original packaging new goods.

2. Topdeal: The Surface Volume 2


The Surface of the paper 2 is a powerful Laptop in a noble Design. The facility will include up to 8 GB of memory, and 256gb of storage space, and the processor is quad-Core Intel Core i5 processor 8350U up to 3.6 GHz with a clock speed up to include.

What is special, however, is the View: With a single click, you can remove the Touch screen from the keyboard and use the device as a Tablet. Do you have a 2-in-1, ideal for mobile use. The long battery life and fits into a period of maturity of up to 17 hours

Another special feature is the flexible joint between the display and the keyboard. So that you can be.the Surface of the Book 2 such as a Laptop computer, a Tablet computer, or on the way to the Studio, and then use the keyboard to tilt almost 360 degrees

With three USB ports, a headphone jack, and an SD card reader, connectivity options are plentiful. The magazine Computer Bild awards, for the Test, with the level of “good” and wrote: “on The Surface of the Book 2 Working on a dream”.

Good to know: On the Surface of the Book 2 it is so cheap

In the spring, we’ll introduce a successor to the Surface of Book 3. Detailed information about the new features, does not yet exist. Experts expect, however, that only a bare minimum of improvements to the paint. For bargain hunters, and the perfect amount of time for the purchase of his or her predecessor. The performance of the equipment is up-to-date, so we are going to be the Surface is Book 2 in the future, as it is a strong, Portable computer.

We will be updating the article constantly changing, and new deals added. In the selection, we can guarantee you the best price and a Saving of at least ten (10) per cent.

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