the iPhone will soon spin-up ads? Apple, beats and questionable decision-making


iPhones and iPads are a Premium product. But what Apple is now writing the guidelines for iOS the iOS the 13, it doesn’t sound like a Prize. Right now, the developers have been in demand and in the nature.

iOS: will Apple allow it in the advertising messages on iPhone,

Apple has changed the iOS developer guidelines a little. And it could still be the impact of these innovations is heavily on the user experience: developers can now use the mail system for the purposes of marketing, in a Nutshell: the iPhone and the iPad would not populate on the future of advertising. After you have all of them: First of all, the user must agree to do so. But most users are unlikely to commit to making a note to play.

The developer, therefore, you must add the corresponding Option in the settings App. Then, the user should be able to turn off the messages for advertisement as well. Why not a ban? Now that Apple has made in the past and apply it to the contents of, for example, in iBooks or in to the TV App. Now, the same law applies to everyone.

The way in which Apple’s iPhone in the future, it’s still just as good as the iPhone 11, Pro here?

iOS: – In the case of these Apps, then the Apple is the key

The new iOS guidelines, with a note on how to deal with Dating and fortune telling Apps, Here you want to be in Apple’s future, and mission-critical Applications to the App Store, if you are a “one-off” and “high quality”, reports 9to5Mac.

What’s new in the second Beta Version of iOS 13.4? Here, you can find it:

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iOS is 13.4 Beta number 2 is out the Overview and Features

According to Apple, they have been installed in 77 percent of the iPhones that are currently in use, and the iOS 13. On the iPad, the figure is 79 per cent, which is slightly higher. 30. April needs to get involved in, the developers of the new System, and you can develop new Apps and Updates for iOS 13 Version of the developer tools. This also has the consequence that the services to be provided with a login for example Facebook or Google, is now required, as well as the Apple, and, presumably, a highly secure method to sign in With your Apple log-in.

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