The new start menu in Windows 10 without Live tiles


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In the latest episode of the Windows Insider Calls that way, the developers at Microsoft have shown, the current proposal for the Redesign of the start menu in Windows 10. Awesome is the color scheme, and the alleged lack of Live Tiles, is.

The spring cleaning is, because the PC is no exception to this, think of Microsoft. In a Video on the upcoming developments on the Windows 10 Brandon Leblanc and co. they have shown that they are working on a new visual design for the start menu. The idea behind it is a little bit of color as to take away, and in order to emphasize the transparency effect will be more strong. Thus, all of the pinned programs are stored on the right side of the list, in the color of the start menu, rather than, as was previously the case, in order to separate the colors. So, in the beginning, it appears the menu’s less in color. In addition, for the Logos to become something more. It is not yet clear when the new start menu in Windows 10 to get in.

What are the parts of the button on Windows 10?

In comparison, the current start menu a little bit, but it’s still. Up to now, there are some Applications that are information to Live and move in this manner. This Live-in was introduced in the tiles for the first time on a PC with Windows 8 and is designed to enable the user to capture a particularly important piece of news. However, software developers should adapt their Apps specifically to take advantage of the block feature, and a background task for your App, you must create it. Microsoft even promises that ” you can leave it to the new start menu, Live tiles continue to be read, and if you want to, such as a user name.

Supposedly, only a few software developers have taken the extra effort in to your application with a Live tile. The function itself is just the Applications which have a UWP-level components. This can be quite UWP – known Applications, such as e-Mail and Calendar app from Microsoft, especially for the disabled. EXE programs, which are distributed through the Microsoft Store, such as, for example, the official Spotify App. The Storage of the Microsoft office UWP-Microsoft Apps, but, more recently, a role, given the fact that it is just the fact that it is only almost to the Windows 10 users to buy Apps. Instead, it is based on the future of the open-source container format that is MSIX, which is quite different from the formats of the file, and then click on any of the platforms that can be Packaged.

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Facts about the new start menu in Windows 10:

  • Microsoft did a Webcast on a new start menu for Windows 10. It is less colorful than in the past because of all of the programs set) added the Background color on the start menu, instead of their own color.
  • In addition, the effect of transparency it is worth mentioning in a clearer way.
  • Windows 8 introduced Live tiles, however, recede into the Background. The Live Tile does not you can still play such an active development is taking place.
  • It is not yet clear when the new start menu in Windows 10.

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