The next Generation of Radeon cards AMD introduced the starting of the cooling Fan


The next Generation of Radeon cards AMD introduced the starting of the cooling Fan
Image: AMD)

A small section has already hinted at this: For the next Generation of Radeon cards to the player on AMD-you want to do without a reference design with a Radial fan (Blower). As in the case of Nvidia it is no longer the case, you have come in spite of this, the Axial fans are used to. AMD’s Manager Scott Herkelman, confirmed the exchange.

AMD’s changes to the reference design, with Axial fans

In the evening, local time, AMD announced that with the RDNA, 2), a new GPU-Generation-of-players-and, in this context, it is a part of the new major projects being shown. Instead of a Radial fan that blows air over the video card to the direction of the slot, the aperture of the diaphragm, as in the previous AMD reference designs is the case, on the image of the two Axial fans to identify with.

The new AMD's reference design, with Axial fans
The new AMD’s reference design, with Axial fans

In a discussion on Reddit, with the AMD ati Radeon Manager Scott Herkelman has confirmed that the next Generation will have any Fan of the following Projects:

There will not be a fan of the reference to the fans, to the players in advance. So, you’re right 😉

Scott Herkelman, AMD

However, it is not yet clear whether this will apply to all of the variations from the expected Template-XR-6000 multi-Generation or “the Big Navi) with a RDNA 2. In addition to this, Herkelman has made it clear that it is up to the Board partners are free to continue with the models with a cooling Fan.

Our AIBs can choose to do a “blower” design in any of the next-generation of GPUs, however, for the majority of the feedback we’ve received from the community, at the launch of the 5700 XT from AMD’s reference design that has guided us in the direction of the dual – /tri-axial design. I’m excited for you all to check them out when the time is right.

Scott Herkelman, AMD

Herkelman said it would be Feedback from the Community has brought to the Radeon RX-5700 XT, AMD has decided to change the cooler design. According to their Statements, it is not only the major projects that are planned for the two, but with three Axial fans. This is the last I had used AMD since the High-End models, such as the ati Radeon VII.

Nvidia have already moved on from the Turing machine

The competitor, Nvidia had already modified with the introduction of the Turing-graphics cards with their own Designs (the Founder of the “complete Edition” on the Axial fans, and the previous Fan Projects that followed. The overall Fan of the Project are considered to be the highest, respectively, of a less powerful, but it offers the advantage that the hot air is conveyed directly to the outside of the house. Both the Radeon and the GeForce, the lower the level of entry, the Board-partners, but also for the models with a Radial fan.