The Oppo Find X 2 (Per) is set to 120 Hz or OLED display, and a 12-Bit camera


To find X2, Find 2 Pro’s are in Oppos new Smartphone, the cars-in-chief, which will take place at the beginning of may, and the German trade. The Pro model offers, exclusive to a Sony Sensor with a new, self-focusing, and a 12-Bit color depth. Both of them have in common is the calibrated QHD+Display with a 120 Hz, which is the Snapdragon 865 with 5 g of the Support, and fast Loading.

After the German premiere, with Reno2, and Reno2 Z, the Oppo is at the beginning of may, due to the location of X2, to Find X 2 Pro-two Top Smartphones for the German market. Only Recently, police in the country is an active Smartphone maker Oppo, which is owned by-side for brands such as iQOO, OnePlus, Really, and in addition, the Chinese company BBK Electronics, and want to do it with the new flagships of the evidence that he can compete in Europe with all the best devices from Apple, Huawei and Samsung. To do this, we have a version of it 2 some of the technically interesting Details.

For 120 Hz, even at full QHD resolution

It starts off with you to Find the 2 Find 2 Pro is identical to the OLED display, and it features a 6.7-inch high-resolution 1,440 × 3,168 km pixels (519 ppi) and 93.1% on the front side of the smartphone takes. The aspect ratio is 19.8:9. Each module will be graded according to the Oppo at the factory, and it covers 100% of the DCI-P3 color space, also HDR10+ is supported at this time. Oppo specifies the brightness of a typical 500 cd/m2 800 cd/m2 and an ambient light, and then, selectively, up to 1.200 cd/m2). The Panel runs at 120 Hz refresh rate with 240 Hz Touch scan rate, so much so that, to the contrary, the Samsung-Galaxy-S20 series (Hands-On), with the full text of the resolution. Samsung is going to have to reduce it to its native QHD at 60 Hz, and 120 Hz will only work with a Full HD display.

The specially-developed “1-Ultra-Vision-Engine” must be able to prepare for the SDR-content and those with less than 120 Hz dynamically-according to the content that is displayed on the screen. Experience in the field of image processing, which brought together the Oppo over the course of many years, and in the meantime, set up a division of a Blu-ray player and a DVD Player.

Oppo Find 2 Serial
Oppo Find 2 Serial

Oppo Find 2 Serial
Oppo Find 2 Serial

Oppo Find 2
Oppo Find 2

Oppo Find 2
Oppo Find 2

The same for the two variants of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, and the Oppo, with the Snapdragon-X55-Modem 2-of-5 – software support agreement. Find the X 2 comes with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, the Find 2 Pro with 12 GB of RAM and up to 512 GB of memory. Both of these Smartphones rely on LPDDR5, and the SUBJECT of the 3.0. Android as the operating system 10, either with your own test, ColorOS is installed in the new Version 7.1.

A fully-charged in less than 40 minutes

The battery of the Oppo invites their own SuperVOOC the technology of the second Generation, with up to 65 output frequency (10 V/6.5 A). Oppo shares a battery with a 4200 mAh battery (Nd 2), respectively, 4.260 mAh (Nd 2) for each of the two cells, and, carry, and unload on the use of both units at the same time. Find the X2 Pro with a SuperVOOC 2.0 in the 38th minute to fully recharge. SuperVOOC version 2.0 includes the old SuperVOOC 1.0 and download this is the source of the power is 20 watts. If a Quick Charge or a USB Power supply to supply power to 18 watts at the most.

The Oppo Find 2, Pro

Find the X2 Pro uses a new IMX689 the Sensor of the Sony

The differences between the Find 2 Find 2 Pro a to find the camera that is waiting for you on the Pro model, with its unique Characteristics, it is not just in the series, but all of the smart phone market. Find the X2 Pro uses the main camera) is currently exclusive to the Oppo-supplied Sony IMX689 a Sensor size of 1/1, 4-inch display is the largest in the 48-Megapixel camera Sensor on the market. The omni-directional drive detects the focus of the comparison in step (PDAF), the subject matter of the changes not only in the vertical but also in horizontal direction. To improve the auto focus performance, regardless of the shape and Texture of the object. The f/1.7 lens is made up of seven elements, the camera also comes with optical image stabilization (OIS).

The IMX689 to Find that the X2-Pro also offers a “12-Bit ” is True the” Catch”, so that, for the first time in a Smartphone camera and 4,096 grayscale values, for each channel of RGB can be generated, which in the manner of a 10-Bit only 1,024. Due to the dynamic range of the benefit of the user more options for editing RAW images give you.

A hybrid of the Zoom with a periscope

The second camera is to Find the X2 Pro, it uses the second Generation of the Oppos the periscope out using a hybrid (optical and digital) up to ten times magnification and up to 60-times magnification of the digital. The 13-Megapixel Sensor and it also offers OIS, and an f/3.0 lens, it is made up of five elements. The third camera is an ultra wide-angle lens with a 48-in mega-pixel on the Basis of Sony’s IMX856 with a 1/2-inch wide, f/2.2, and up to 120 degrees, has Dropped out of Sight.

Oppo Find 2

For the normal, Find the X2 and the Oppo relies on a single camera that appears to be dealt with in a direct comparison with the Pro model, unless. The primary camera works with the 48-in mega-pixel Sony IMX856, 1 / 2 inch) and a f/1.7 aperture, and OIS. The telephoto lens reaches the five-times-a hybrid of the zoom with an f/2.4 aperture, and it allows you to digital, to a maximum of 20 times the Zoom. The third camera is also an ultra-wide-angle lens, but with a 12 mega-pixel Sony IMX708, 1/2 in,4 inch), f/2.2 aperture and 120-degree-of-Sight Fell off.

In the glass-ceramic, and a “vegan leather”, also available in may

Away from the technology, both the Smartphones offer an interesting visual Detail. Find the X2 comes in a black variant, with the rear part is made of a ceramic, while the “Ocean’s” so-called from the pools of color in the glass. When you get the X2 Pro, but there are “vegan leather” that is a bright Orange-and-black variant is made of ceramic. Depending on the choice of the materials, the dimensions and weight are slightly different. Find the X2 comes standard with protection to IP54, Find 2 Pro’s for a better protection of IP68.

The Oppo is going to bring you to Find the 2 from the beginning of may with a suggested retail price of 999 Euro, and the X2 Pro’s for 1.199 euros on the German market.

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