The patrons and the Offworld Trading Company for free


Epic Games ‘ skin, since the introduction of its own Stores, regularly games, for free out of it. Change “only” one but also two or more. This week, there are two of them: the patrons, and Offworld Trading Company.

The patrons jump up at the end of the game where you have to through various Levels and for all types of obstacles and opponents in past fights.

The patron is a hell of a points-based, procedurally-generated platform-Roguelike elements. The patron is also a Story about the friendship between Ikk and death, and a Weltraumwal named Sally.

Offworld is, for me, personally, the most interesting part of the game, because it is an economic strategy game about Mars, which is also the obligations for the classic Command & Conquer.

Mars has been colonized and the corporate Giants in the earth, and the battle for supremacy in this new market. The competition is an economic real-time strategy game, Soren Johnsen, the Leaddesigner of Civilization IV, you have been warned.

Do you have an Epic Account? If this is the case, then take a look at it in the Store, and the strike must be the most interesting to you.