The project, “house of cards” to bring Android to the iPhone


The Delaware-based company Corellium provides for, among other things, an iOS-Virtualis-aging solution for you. This will allow you to work with a virtual iOS device at the Desktop, and to serve in accordance with the Corellium, in particular, to the exploitation of security flaws.

Android Iphon3g

Ten years ago, Android on the iPhone 3G

An unusual product, and a counter to Apple in the month of August, the court, following the procedure reported . Apple blames the provider for a violation of the Copyright, and have asked the company to encourage its customers to sell their vulnerabilities on the open market. Even though the procedure is to be performed.

The published Project is “house of cards” logs Corellium but, amazingly enough, at the touch of a finger for that word.

In co-operation with the suppliers of the tool to Jailbreak checkra1n to have a Software offering that would run on the Google operating system Android on the iPhone.

Although it currently only supports the iPhone 7, it can be equipped with up to Version of the Tools to Jailbreak it, but you are running a Version of Android.


Currently, it only supports a few devices

The origins of the Project, “house of cards” could be reports for more than ten years ago – and even then, the experience of the Corellium-founder of the Google System, and it has also been shown to Dual Boot both operating systems on the iPhone 3G.

All of the source code for the Project, “house of cards” and can be seen in the Code of Portal to Me, and it is freely available. The Support Matrix of the vendor’s web site, it shows that all the models of iPhone are supported, and to what extent.

Forbes, the publisher, Thomas Brewster has tried Android on an iPhone in iOS 7 and 13.3, and it shows in the Software that may be running in the Video. Ideal for everyday use, the Technique is not yet, however, Neither the Bluetooth or the audio output is currently supported.