The Raspberry Pi is a Generator of images, the Pi is a Tool that simplifies the Creation of installation to the SD card


The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released a new Tool to the users of the small circuit Board on your favorite operating system on an SD card, you can use it. The Raspberry Pi is the Imager that is available for operating systems Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows 10, mac os and Linux Distribution, Ubuntu. It’s supposed to be, according to the developers, it an easy-to-use, and simple to do. This is an advantage for users who are not familiar with Installing operating systems on an SD card.

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In a Video from the manufacturer explains the use of the Images. This is a step-by-step instructions of the wizard. First of all, the SD card is inserted, the card in the host computer. After that, the user to select the desired operating system via a Drop-Down menu. To date Raspbian, the standard operating system for the Raspberry Pi, and others, this operating system is based on the Images that are available to you. The Installation of the Libreelec it is possible to. This is a system that focuses on both the media center Software Kodi is. To use as a living room media computer, it’s a common use case for the Raspberry Pi.

Open Source continues to

The Image of the source, the Tool will download it directly from the web server, the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Previously, a Default file is loaded, it is sent to the Software, the current versions of these operating systems. The matching of the data, the Software then writes to the specified SD card.

The Raspberry Pi is the Imager that is based on a Noobs Tool that can be used by the user in the creation of the installation media for the Card. This, in turn, is based on the program Pibakery. In addition, the new Software will remain Open Source and can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s web site free of charge.

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