The ring of life for a Smartphone, the code is set to this control


The Smartphone is ringing, but where is it? Until that is found, the device once again. The user can extend it with a little Trick, for the duration of the touch, the smartphone is in or out. We are going to show you how to do it.

In the case of Apple devices, and Android phones, through the so-called control code, the ringing of the length of the smartphone is set. For the provider, for about 15 seconds, by default, a lot of the time. This is the Golden mean, in Five-second steps that are adjustable to the width of the band, which ranges from five to 30 seconds.

In the code, it is necessary to

To change the configuration, you need to understand the service provider’s office, and the number of the reference. The indicators are the following:

  • The Results Of O2 (333)
  • Deutsche Telekom (3311)
  • Vodafone (5500)

To activate the Code, then run the following command from the keyboard is inserted, and then the phone device to be operated: **61* * * * The Reference Number**Seconds#.

An example: the o-ring Must be a Smartphone on the Vodafone network for 25 seconds, and then enter a Code**61*5500**25#.

The operator confirms the Change, and then, with a personal message. These Changes are free of charge and can be repeated as many times as you want.