The scream from Angelina Jolie: I want my kids to educate


Angelina Jolie

To speak to Angelina Jolie in an article in Time “back” on cancer, and the death of the mother. Make it clear that everything he has done so far, only one purpose: they want to be their children. Photo LaPresse BROWSE THE GALLERY AND LOOK AT THE PICTURES OF THE JOLIE VERSION, MAMA

I want to see my children. I would like to my nephew. Sets clear, clear the Angelina Jolie. Never before has the diva has pointed out, so what they hear. Because that is what it is.

In the article, the magazine wrote Timethe actress and the Director in advance to pull once again to choose from, for many, controversial, under surgery. And his words are so simple and so free of stress that interfere.

Chie Angelina Jolie and who is Marcheline Bertrand?

Angelina Jolie with her mother Marcheline Bertrand

I am often asked how my decisions, the medical and the decision, the public appears to me to have an influence. What I feel, it is easy to have, increases the probability to be here, to see my children grow up and meet my grandchildren“writes Angelina Jolie. Think Maddoxthe 18-year-old is studying at the University in South Korea. A Paxthat it with 15. A Zaharathat with 14. A Shiloh,, the has 13. And the twins Knox and Vivianne,, the have 11.

My hope is to stay in your life for more years that I can. To be there for you. I live without my mother for more than a decade. He met some of their grandchildren. And often was too bad to play with them. My mother has fought the disease for 10 years, and more than 50 years. I grandmother died a little more than forty-year-old. I hope that my decisions for me with longer life“.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, children

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their children. Photo LaPresse

A Angelina Jolie is open-heart, the Time. You have the choice, spend less time in the cinema, and all that he with his children. You are the center of their existence. It is for you that do not wish to leave nothing to chance in the divorce Brad Pitt. Because the emotional impact of the death of his mother Marcheline Bertrandestablished in the year 2007, was devastating.

For this told that are subject to the genetic test, which confirmed that the mutation of the gene Brca1. What, according to the hype in the media of his announcement, he was as a “gen-Jolie”. And to fall ill from the cold numbers – 87 percent likelihood of breast cancer and 50 percent of what the ovaries – the decision to delete (in consultation with his doctors), the primary sources of danger.”significantly reduced, although you do not delete the whole, the way that I can in the development of a tumor“.

angelina jolie

Angelina Jolie. Photo: Ap

Angelina Jolie chose it as his mission to bear witness to the great progress, which makes the medicine in this area. Not to forget the importance of sufferers the psychological care of the women in the way of healing. And the prevention.

Like so many women in similar situations, or even more difficult, also you want to be next to his children. Angelina Jolie does not want to see his mother, his grandmother, his aunt. Why is repeated infinitely, I want to see my children. I would like to my nephew.