The serious problem of hygiene of Rosalyn that have (some) fellow


March 05, 2020
(15:45 CET)

The who has been involved in the last few hours on the net and in the forums that deal with Rosalia has been of the kind that makes history. And is that the singer Catalan has hung up a picture in your account Instagram that, as expected, has generated many comments.

And all because, as it has done on other occasions, the artist has appeared in the images with a few covers of gold teeth in the style of rapper american. A style that, as expected, has generated a lot of criticism in the social networks.

While it is true that there have been few who, probably blinded by the passion that you feel towards the San Esteve Sesrovires, have applauded the proposal of the Rosalia and have commented that “it looks cool” or that, directly, “is a goddess”.

The mess with the teeth of Rosalia

However, their haters have returned to make act of presence. And it is that you are this kind of pictures with details like these that make critics take advantage of the occasion to charge against it.

But be careful because in this case they have gone a step further. Among other things because, to a part of the slitting of the bad taste, in his opinion, of the singer, many of her haters point out that it seems to be that some of the companions of the singer or the artists that work with her would have pointed out that using these liners causes that end up having a bad breath.

Obviously no one who works with what she has pointed out in public and it is very likely that this kind of criticism from most of the imagination of those who want to plunge to Rosalia as anything else, but in the networks, many have jumped quickly into the carriage and have begun to criticize it.

My mother if that is horrible,” Is a gypsy and over you will smell the mouth”, “yuck”, “well, That of modern has nothing daughter of mine”, “Every time more choni” or “Unfortunate that this is the Spanish singer more international” are some of the comments in this regard.